Messy RV Basement? Try These 5 Easy Storage Ideas

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"For many people, RVing is the only way to camp. They enjoy a comfortable bed at night and bringing along all of the accouterments of home. That’s why you see so many campers on the road today. These RVs have extra storage space to include everything but the kitchen sink on any camping trip. But most travelers need some assistance when packing their rigs. That’s why we’ve amassed several RV basement storage ideas to help you pack in more fun on your next adventure."

What Is an RV Basement?

They won’t provide safe shelter in a tornado, but RV basements do offer storage space for RVers. And just like in a residential home, you’ll find the basement space under the living area of the camper. You can access this area through doors on the vehicle’s exterior.

The Challenges of Keeping an RV Basement Organized

Having a basement with all that extra room for storage sometimes brings challenges of its own. Many basement compartments are large, wide-open areas without definition. Sure, you can load it full of items, but it can be challenging to organize the equipment in any helpful way. Adding partitions or shelves may be a solution to this problem.

What Are the Benefits of Organizing Your RV Basement?

If all that extra storage space sounds enticing, you may find an RV that allows room for outdoor toys, camping equipment, tools, cargo, and specialty items. But to use these items efficiently, you must organize them when packing. When you store things according to their size or use, you’ll most likely use them more frequently. That way, they’re easy to retrieve.

5 Easy RV Basement Storage Ideas

1. Add a Cargo Slide For deep storage space, a cargo slide or tray is extremely useful. Most of these slides can hold up to 800 lbs of cargo. They’re mounted on the wall of a basement compartment and slide in and out just like a dresser drawer. This makes finding items at the very back of the storage space a breeze! Cargo slides come in various sizes, ranging in price from $540 to $925.

2. Use Storage Bins in Your RV Basement

Plastic storage bins are enormously popular for securing items in basement cargo compartments. They can be stacked and labeled, keeping everything organized. Using transparent bins makes it easy to see what’s inside.

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