Our 5 Favorite Overland Vehicles on YouTube

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"Overlanding vehicles are gaining popularity as more adventurers seek to escape overcrowded campgrounds and enjoy the outdoors. These outdoor enthusiasts modify their vehicles to make recreational and full-time traveling convenient and comfortable. Because overland vehicles are so unique, you’ll have a hard time finding two that are identical."

What Are Overland Vehicles?

When it comes to unique and custom vehicles built for off-roading, it doesn’t get much better than overland vehicles. These vehicles are built for self-sufficiency and taking adventures off paved roads. If you don’t like off-roading, an overland vehicle might not be for you.

The most important characteristic of an overland vehicle is that it meets the needs of the overlander for their journey. It doesn’t matter whether you’re on a tight budget or have an unlimited supply of money; you can create an overland vehicle that can get the job done.

What Do You Need in an Overland Vehicle?

Our 5 Favorite Overland Vehicles on YouTube

1. Expedition Overland If you’re looking for inspiration, there’s no better place to start than Expedition Overland. This channel follows a team of overlanders as they experience the most incredible places in the world. Their “Last Frontier” series to Alaska showcases two Toyota Tacomas and the Patriot Campers X3.

2. 4x4 Overlanding Mercedes Sprinter Van – Living The Van Life

If you want to take a peek at what one overlander created from a 2020 4x4 Mercedes Sprinter Van, you have to see Chad’s vehicle from Living the Van Life. This is a full-time living overlanding machine. Chad had to make a few upgrades to make this Sprinter Van more livable.

Enjoy Off-Road Adventures in an Overland Vehicle

There’s something special about taking the road less traveled. It’s even more special when you can take your home with you and stay for a few days. An overland vehicle can allow you to enjoy some of the most remote locations and be miles from the nearest person.

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We hope these different vehicles will inspire you and give you ideas if you’re looking to jump into overlanding.