Repairing Your RV Underbelly? Here’s What You Need to Know

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"When RVers head out for a weekend camping trip, they usually do a walk-around to inspect their rig. They look for loose bolts, check the lug nuts and the tire pressure, and perform other tasks before taking off. But one area you may not think to look at is underneath your RV. Inspect your RV underbelly regularly. Some RV’s have a plastic cover that protects your RV, and you don’t want road debris or rain getting inside as you travel. "

What Is Your RV Underbelly?

The RV underbelly is just the term for the underside of an RV. Many times the term is used to refer to the actual covering that protects and insulates the underside. It also prevents small critters from crawling up into the RV, where they can do serious damage. But this doesn’t mean it never gets damaged.

Are All RV Underbellies the Same?

RV underbellies vary. Some have coverings, and others do not. If an RV is 4-season rated or a higher-end build this usually means it has an underbelly covering that includes added insulation to keep tanks and pipes from freezing.

It may seem like road damage would be the most likely cause of RV underbelly damage, but usually, the damage comes from within. Water damage is the most common and can come from a cracked water tank, a broken hose, a broken valve seal on the water filter, or something else.

What Causes RV Underbelly Damage?

How to Fix a Torn Underbelly

If you have a simple tear in the tarp or plastic, most of the time, you’ll just need to tape it back together. Luckily there is specific underbelly tape for this purpose. You won’t need to remove it or have any special tools nearby.

How to Fix a Broken Sheet

Your first step in fixing a broken sheet is to find out how the RV underbelly is attached. Manufacturers use nails, screws, and other types of fasteners. You’ll need to raise your rig on jacks to do this. Secure it before crawling underneath your RV.

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