RV Boondocking Tips

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What Is RV Boondocking?

Boondocking is camping off-grid without hookups. While this is often done on public lands in undeveloped camping areas, many National and State Park campgrounds don’t provide water, electricity, or sewer hookups at their campsites. So no matter where you go camping, it’s important to know how to boondock, or camp without hookups.

1. Get an RV that facilitates boondocking

Since fresh water and waste tank capacities are such a limiting factor, you should look for an RV with larger tanks. For reference, our fifth wheel RV has a 100-gallon fresh water capacity, 75 grey, and 75 black. We could very comfortably go 2 weeks without hitting our limits.

2. Practice water conservation before your first boondocking experience

One of the smartest things you can do is to practice water conservation before your first actual boondocking experience. Try keeping your tanks closed and using your fresh water tanks at the RV park.

3. Start with a full fresh water tank

Unless you know you’ll only be out for a few days and are familiar with your water usage, it’s counterproductive to start your boondocking trip out with less than a full tank of fresh water. While we don’t advise driving around with a full tank all the time due to RV weight concerns, you should find a fill station near your boondocking destination and head out to your campsite full.

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