RV Water Lines: How to Find, Repair, and Seal Leaks

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"You could face a severe problem if one of your RV water lines springs a leak. We have owned 4 different campers over the years and everyone has had a water line leak at one point or another. You may not fix every issue, but every RV owner should know the basics of RV water leak repair. If you want to protect your RV and wallet from a significant repair, you need to know how to find, fix, and seal any leaks in your RV water lines."

Where Types of Water Lines Are Used In RV’s?

Water lines in RVs are usually plastic tubing. PEX is the name brand but it could be a number of different types. The size of the lines will vary but 1/2 inch is the most common.

Where Are Water Lines Located In An RV?

RV manufacturers do an excellent job concealing RV water lines when constructing campers. While this may be aesthetically pleasing to buyers, it can complicate some repairs.

Sometimes workers hurry when putting together an RV’s plumbing system and do poorly connecting the water lines. In an ideal world, the manufacturer or the RV dealer would catch these during pre-delivery inspections, but that’s not always the case.

What Are Some Common Causes Of RV Water Line Leaks?

Do You Need to Winterize Your RV Water Lines?

Falling temperatures in autumn typically mark the end of the camping season for many RVers. Most campers take the opportunity to do maintenance and prepare their RV for its long winter nap.

How to Repair and Seal Your Leaking RV Water Line

Once you identify a leak in your RV’s water system, you should locate it as soon as possible. This is not an issue you want to ignore, as these problems do not fix themselves and can cause severe damage to an RV.

Do you have the necessary tools for an RV plumbing repair?