The 7 Best Slot Canyons in Arizona That Will Blow Your Mind

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"If you’ve never chosen to climb down into the deep to experience the beauty of slot canyons, you’re missing out on taking a step back in time. Many people attempt to capture this surreal experience through photography but just can’t quite grasp it"

What Is a Slot Canyon?

A slot canyon is a narrow gorge that can become treacherous due to flash flooding. Usually, you don’t have many ways out. Slot canyons have steep walls and sometimes offer just a sliver of separation in which visitors can slip through. The height-to-width ratio is at least 10:1, sometimes 100:1.

How Many Slot Canyons Are in Arizona?

Even though the exact number of slot canyons in Arizona is unknown, you’ll find plenty to see when touring the state. About 10-15 canyons have tours, while others are still waiting to be discovered and explored. You’ll notice that most of the ones on this list are located in Page, Ariz.

Stay Safe While Exploring Slot Canyons in Arizona

Some people enjoy canyoneering in slot canyons. If you choose to participate in this outdoor activity, make sure to have the right gear: a helmet, harness, and rappel device. Even if you don’t climb the canyons, pack sunscreen, bug spray, a first aid kit, and plenty of water.

The 7 Best Slot Canyons in Arizona That Will Blow Your Mind

Deer Creek Narrows Location: Grand Canyon National Park About: Deer Creek Narrows is only about 0.2 miles long, but it’s a 9-mile hike from the rim of the Grand Canyon to Deer Creek. This slot canyon requires repelling and is not suited for the average visitor. If you don’t have canyoneering experience, you’ll need to skip Deer Creek Narrows.

Cathedral Canyon

Location: Page, Arizona About: If you want to avoid the crowds of Antelope Canyon, Cathedral Canyon is a great alternative. You’ll have to squeeze through a narrow section and climb down a 10-foot ladder to reach the slot canyon.

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