The 7 Biggest Mistakes You’re Making Hooking Up Your RV

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"One of the most dangerous tasks in RVing is hooking up an RV. A simple mistake will result in serious damage to your rig, your tow vehicle, or even an injury to you or a fellow camper."

Is Hooking Up an RV Difficult?

The process of hooking up an RV isn’t overly complicated. However, certain steps must be followed in a specific order. In order to minimize the chances of making a mistake or skipping a step, RVers find it easier to create a checklist for their specific setup.

How Long Does It Take to Hook Up an RV?

When you are new to RVing, setting up can take 15 to 30 minutes. This is because you are overly cautious and don't want to make a mistake. Figuring out how to use your hitching system correctly or efficiently can add a significant amount of time.

1. Using the Wrong Hitch

You may be able to connect your travel trailer RV directly to the ball on your truck, but this may not provide the best towing experience. Using a hitch with sway bars or weight distribution can be beneficial. Often these hitches have a weight rating, so be sure that it matches your trailer. Tap below to learn why your travel trailer needs a weight distribution hitch!

2. Not Adding Lubrication

RV hitches use a linchpin to secure the locking mechanisms closed. We’ve seen several RVers fail to secure their linchpin when attempting to hook up their RV. This can cause the coupler or handle on the hitch to open, disconnecting the trailer from the tow vehicle.

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