The Best Batteries for Powering Your Van Life

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"If you’re beginning your van life journey, understanding the ins and outs of various batteries can get confusing fast. Expand your understanding as we unpack these helpful questions and answers. Let’s get started!"

What Kind of Battery Should I Get for My Camper Van?

Vans are like tiny RV’s and have two power systems, one for the chassis (engine and drivetrain) and a separate one for the house (living part of the van). It's never recommended to try and use the single chassis battery system for your living power needs as you will damage the battery and end up stranded with a van that won’t start eventually.

How Big of a Battery Bank Do I Need for a Van?

It depends on how much power you want inside your van. If you’re using a portable power station, you only need one, which will fit inside most storage spaces. However, portable power stations come in different sizes and frequently have inverter limitations. Look at these devices' power output and ensure they can run what you need.

The Best Batteries for Powering Your Van Life

Best Overall Industry Standard: Battle Born Batteries Battle Born batteries are lithium iron phosphate batteries with a more stable and efficient design than traditional AGM or lead acid batteries. Many know the company for its dependable products.

Second Best Overall: Dakota Lithium Batteries

Dakota Lithium batteries claim to be tough. They state that their durability comes from their rugged North Dakota lifestyle. Their boldest claim is that their batteries have twice the power of traditional batteries, weigh half the weight, charge five times faster, and last four times longer than other batteries on the market.

Lightest Option: Lion Energy Lion Safari UT

Lion Energy makes lithium batteries for trucks, vans, RVs, and boats. They also make solar generators, power banks, and solar setups for residential and commercial use. Lion Energy batteries come in 12 volts, 105 amp hours, 56 amp hours, and 20 amp hours.

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