The Most Underrated Places to Visit in the U.S. We Shouldn’t Tell You About

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"Can you keep a secret? If so, we’ll tell you about some of the most underrated places to visit in the U.S. These amazing travel destinations fly under the radar. And that’s just one of the many reasons we love them. Some have a substantial number of visitors. But these communities tend to get less limelight and fewer crowds than other more famous ones. They deserve more attention than they’re getting. We’ll explore some from Hawaii to the Northeast."

The Most Underrated Places to Visit in the U.S. We Shouldn’t Be Telling You About

Kanab, Utah This relatively unspoiled community in southern Utah is near many better-known national parks and monuments.

Lake Granby, Colorado

We all know Denver, Boulder, and Aspen, but have you heard of Lake Granby? This gorgeous waterway is the third-largest lake in Colorado, and it’s regularly replenished with several species of salmon and trout.

While Block Island and Jekyll Island land on the primitive side, this seaside getaway is much livelier. Visitors to Dewey Beach, Del., love lounging or paddle boarding by day before venturing out to enjoy the nightlife.

Dewey Beach, Delaware

Finger Lakes, New York

This area of central New York is known for winter recreation, but we love it in the summer. Beat the heat by swimming or boating, hike the scenic hills, and tour a string of charming small towns.

Valley of Fire, Nevada

Next up on our list of underrated places to visit in the U.S., we have Valley of Fire, Nev. Timing is important here because the vibrant red hues especially come alive around sundown. This 40,000-acre state park shuts down for day visitors around that time as well.

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