The Real Reason You Need to Care About Your RV Shower Faucet

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"There’s nothing quite like a hot shower at the end of a day full of adventures. However, the shower faucet you choose can make or break your ability to enjoy your shower. Most RV manufacturers put the cheapest shower heads in their rigs. If you want to enjoy your shower, there’s a good chance you’re going to need to do an upgrade."

Why Do You Need the Right RV Shower Faucet?

The biggest reason you need the right RV shower faucet is to help manage water consumption. If you spend most of your time in RV parks or at a full hookup site, you won’t have to worry nearly as much about your water usage.

What to Consider When Selecting an RV Faucet and Shower Head

Water Flow GPM A shower faucet’s water flow GPM is the gallons per minute. This lets you know the efficiency of the shower head and how much water it will use.

There’s no one-size-fits-all preference regarding how the water sprays while showering. If multiple people use your shower, there’s a good chance they’ll all have different preferences. If this is your situation, we recommend ensuring your shower faucet has several spray options. Then, whoever is showering can easily adjust the spray.

Adjustable Spray

Shutoff Valve

As we stated earlier, conserving water in an RV can be essential in many situations. Many RV shower faucets will have a shutoff valve. This is typically a button on the handle that allows the user to quickly turn on and off the water without losing the water temperature they’ve set.


You want to consider the type of material used to construct the shower head. Cheap RV shower faucets may do the job for a season or two. However, they’re not built to last for very long before breaking. The type of material used could also impact the color of the shower faucet.

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Have you replaced your RV shower faucet? What product did you install?