The Truth About Van Conversion Kits

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"Vanlife is all the rage these days. But is it everything it’s cracked up to be? It depends on who you ask, but many RVers are downsizing to Class B camper vans. Some van devotees have opted for conversion kits to save money and get exactly what they want. Some choose to install these kits themselves or hire a company to do it. They have found it worthwhile to use every inch of space for their specific needs without bringing along extra weight and equipment with a generic manufactured van."

What Are Van Conversion Kits?

A kit for a van conversion should include all of the major amenities needed to turn a cargo van into a comfortable camper van. Most kits have various options, and buyers can select which they’d like to include and those they feel they won’t need.

Using a kit to create your van layout will give you exactly the living space you want without the potential for unused equipment or features from a pre-built camper van. Additionally, conversion kits make it easier to DIY without needing to custom craft everything yourself.

What Are the Benefits of Van Conversion Kits?

What Are the Disadvantages of Van Conversion Kits?

Many van conversions have minimal bathroom designs, making it difficult to do your business in your mobile home. Outdoor showers have come a long way, but you can’t use them in stealth situations, and porta-potties can get messy. Van conversion kits don’t often have separate RV air conditioner units for the coach. This makes it difficult to use your van in harsher climates or where pets need to remain inside.

The Best Van Conversion Kits

Wayfarer Vans Walt Camper Kit Wayfarer Vans out of Colorado Springs, Colo., builds on three different Ram ProMaster chassis and high and medium-roof Ford Transit vans. It creates two-bed sizes that work as the lynchpin for the entire floor plan. Choose the bed size, and the kit will then include a kitchen cabinet unit with a sink and storage. It also comes with 5-gallon fresh and gray water tanks, insulated flooring, ceiling and wall panels, and a bed platform.

Trail Kitchens Kits

Trail Kitchens manufactures high-performance camp cooking, cleaning, and storage solutions for cars, trucks, sports utility vehicles, and RVs. Located in Truckee, Calif., the company manufactures its cooking units in-house, from portable water heaters to stand-alone kitchen units The company also makes outdoor ovens, cabinetry, slides, and a wide variety of cookware..

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