This Unique Trailer Is Called a MeerKat

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"Camping and living life on the road is great, but storing your camper or trailer once you return home can be a challenge. A MeerKat camper trailer is unique because it’s small enough to fit in any standard garage, but you also have enough room inside to stand up straight."

What Is a MeerKat Trailer?

A MeerKat trailer is a small trailer you can tow with almost any four-cylinder vehicle on the road. It’s a one-axle camper that will sleep two grown adults comfortably. It has simple facilities like a pump sink and a seating space for dining or just hanging out.

About the MeerKat Camper

The MeerKat camper is a small rectangle-like travel trailer. It has a pop-up on the top to give campers more head space on the inside of the trailer. When you extend the pop-up, you feel a little like a MeerKat peeking its head out of its hole.

Does the MeerKat Trailer Have Air Conditioning?

No, but there is ample airflow inside the cabin. When you turn on the fan and open the windows, it’s like a small wind storm. Parked in the shade, you should still be able to stay pretty cool inside the camper when it’s warm outside. Otherwise, a low-powered portable air conditioning unit and a generator might be helpful.

How Much Do MeerKat Trailers Cost?

What your MeerKat costs has everything to do with the options you choose. On average, you’ll pay between $22,000 and $24,000 for a new MeerKat trailer. If you buy it from an individual or used, you might find a much cheaper deal floating around.

Is a MeerKat Trailer Worth It?

MeerKat trailers are quality for what they are, and what they are is quaint. There’s no fancy frill with this cozy camp spot. If the MeerKat design offers just what you need and want in a camping trailer, it’s probably “worth” a buy or a second look, at least. The versatility of such a portable and storable trailer may be just what you’ve been looking for in a camper.

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