What Is Cowboy Camping and Should You Try It?

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"You can go camping in many ways. You can camp in a tent or a camper, or you might have all the luxuries of glamping in a fancy RV. Cowboy camping is another way to get outside and enjoy the beauty of nature. And no, you do not have to ride a horse or wear a cowboy hat."

What Exactly Is Cowboy Camping?

Cowboy camping is when you camp like Wild West cowboys. On round-ups or trail drives, cowboys slept on a basic rollout set-up under the stars. They had to protect their herd, so needed to be able to jump up and move at a moment’s notice.

Who Cowboy Camps Anymore?

Believe it or not, people still practice cowboy camping. It’s a specific adventure style, and many avid outdoor explorers love to shake things up. Escaping your comfort zone often leads to growth, and this trend can give you a new appreciation for nature.

Is Cowboy Camping Safe?

There’s an element of danger in everything, especially when camping. You’ll be more exposed to nature while cowboy camping, but being mindful will help to keep you safe. You have to know where to set up your camp to reduce contact with wildlife, stay somewhat sheltered if the weather turns, and still sleep comfortably.

Benefits of Cowboy Camping

It Will Save You Time and Money You don’t need a lot of gear to go cowboy camping successfully. Additionally, you won’t need to spend thousands of dollars to get a proper dose of the outdoors. All you need is a canteen, a comfortable sleeping bag, a sleeping pad, and a backpack with a few essentials

Where Is the Best Location for Cowboy Camping?

Choosing the right spot to set up your campsite is vital. Depending on the time of year, you may not want to camp next to a standing body of water, as there will likely be more mosquitoes and bugs at your campsite. Definitely avoid muddy areas or low areas in the case of rain and puddles.

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