What Kind of Plugs Do RVs Use?

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"So, you just bought a new RV, and you’re ready to test it out. First, congratulations! Second, it’s time to understand your RV’s electrical system—specifically, its plug"

What Is an RV Plug?

An RV plug looks different from a standard household plug. This is because it can handle much higher currents. A typical American RV is rated either 30 or 50 amps. This means their electrical system can handle up to 30 or 50 amps of electricity draw before it trips the breaker

So, what kind of plugs do RVs use, and how can you tell the difference between them? Tap below to see the specific RV plugs you may encounter.

What Kind of Plug Do RVs Use?

Are All RV Plugs the Same?

As you might have guessed, they’re not all the same! It's very important to be able to distinguish them based on their voltage and amperage. For example, if you show up to a 30 amp RV site with your 50 amp RV, you’ll want to be prepared with a 50 amp to 30 amp adapter.

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What Kind of Plug Do You Use?