What Your Friends Really Think of Your RV Lifestyle

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"When someone chooses to take up the RV lifestyle, many of their friends don’t fully get it. Without experiencing it themselves many make assumptions about the lifestyle based on bias or media representations."

Sometimes, People Don’t Understand the RV Lifestyle

People don't have a complete understanding of the RV lifestyle since most of the information they can find is on Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube. They think it’s all nature hikes and photos atop cliffs overlooking canyons.

Conclusions Your Friends Have Probably Made

If your friends follow you on Instagram or keep up with your posts on Facebook, they have some idea of what your RV lifestyle entails. This information has led to some interesting conclusions, especially if you've adopted this lifestyle full-time. Let’s take a look !

You Have an Unlimited Amount of Money OR You Have No Money at All

When it comes to money, your friends may think you either have it all or nothing. From your social media posts and experiences, it might appear that you never work and have somehow inherited a lump sum of money.

You’re Always on Vacation and Wake Up to Beautiful Sunrises Every Day

If your friends think you have unlimited money, they probably also think you’re on a long vacation. You’re just spending money freely on whatever you want to do.

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