Where Was ‘The Great Outdoors’ Filmed?

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"Have you ever wondered where “The Great Outdoors” was filmed? This classic flick about enjoying the great outdoors is one of the most hilarious movies. Encompassing all the things that can go wrong when spending time outdoors, it turns the fiasco into fun for viewers of all ages. But where did Hollywood decide to film this classic movie? Keep on reading to learn more about one of the greatest movies."

Where Was the Great Outdoors Filmed?

“The Great Outdoors” was filmed in Bass Lake, Calif., a small resort town near the Sierra National Forest. Perk’s Pine Lodge was a rustic resort from the 1940s called Ducey’s Bass Lake Lodge, which is still in existence today. The existing cabins inspired The Loon’s Nest vacation cabin (constructed onsite in Hollywood) you see in the movie.

About Ducey’s Bass Lake Lodge

Ducey’s Bass Lake Lodge is quite the popular spot for many Hollywood movies. Other than “The Great Outdoors,” it also saw films such as “Carnival Boat” from the 1930s and “Leave Her to Heaven” from the 1940s. Hollywood also filmed the 1997 movie “Mouse Hunt” here.

Things to See and Do Near Bass Lake

Visit Yosemite National Park Less than 20 miles from Bass Lake is Yosemite National Park. And while you will need reservation tickets during peak hours to visit, this stunning place is worth the effort. With 750 miles of trails to explore, campgrounds and lodging for all types of campers, and stunning vistas everywhere you look, you won’t want to miss Yosemite.

Hike a Trail

There’s no shortage of hiking trails in the Sierra National Forest. Nelder Grove will take you into a forested wonderland of towering sequoias. Try your hand at a 10-mile trek to Nellie Lake. Access points to the Pacific Crest Trail are also accessible here. 

Is the Great Outdoors a Good Movie?

Aykroyd’s character in “The Great Outdoors” said, “You wouldn’t know a good time if it fell out of the sky and landed on your face and started to wiggle!” Well, if you’re watching it, get ready to wiggle.

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