Why Does My RV Battery Keep Dying

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"Batteries are the heart of most off-grid electrical systems, and RV’s all have batteries. These batteries provide power when disconnected from shore or when not running a generator. Unfortunately, many RVers often claim that their RV battery keeps dying. Why does this happen? And how can you prevent it?"

You’re Using a Lot of Power

If you’re not connected to shore power and run solely off your RV’s batteries, you could be using too much power. When boondocking, it’s important to conserve energy. RV batteries don’t last very long when you use every appliance and have plugs in every outlet.

Like overcharging, undercharging your battery can lead to sulfation — or the build-up of lead sulfate inside your battery. Undercharging can also cause shorter battery life or completely ruin it.

You’re Not Fully Charging Your Battery

You Need to Refill Your Battery’s Water

Flooded batteries need water to function correctly, and not having enough can damage it. The plates on your battery should never be exposed. Add distilled water before charging if necessary.

What’s the Lifespan of an RV Battery?

The lifespan will change based on the type of battery and maintenance. For example, if you have lead acid and don’t fully recharge your batteries each day, don’t water them and never equalize them they will fail much sooner.

How to Give Your Battery a Longer Life if It Keeps Dying

Remove Corrosion. Over time, battery terminals will corrode. But you can prolong its life if you regularly inspect and clean it. Corrosion can drain power. Sulfuric acid, the chemical in lead-acid batteries, is highly corrosive. So keep your eye out for any build-up to extend its life and prevent it from dying.

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When was the last time you checked for corrosion?