Why Does My RV Breaker Keep Tripping?

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It’s time to stop flipping the circuit switch and get to the bottom of the problem. Addressing breaker box issues right away is a safe thing to do to prevent any injury to you or your RV. Let’s get started, so you can enjoy your camping experience!

What Is an RV Breaker Box?

Similar to a house, your RV has a breaker box. This breaker box is the leading distribution center for electricity throughout your RV. The sources of power – either 120V, 12V, or both – come into the box. Then, the RV breaker box circuits distribute power to your appliances, outlets, and anything else that runs on electricity.

Are RV Breakers the Same as Home Breakers?

Yes and no. The 120V side of the RV breaker box is very similar to what you’d find in a home. You’ll have a switch that sometimes needs reset if it gets tripped or loses power.

Why Does My RV Breaker Keep Tripping?

There are many reasons this could happen, like a failed breaker or electrical device or if it’s wired improperly. Most often, your RV breaker box trips because the circuit’s overloaded. If you’re using too much electricity on an individual circuit, you’ll trip the breaker. If you attempt to draw more than that circuit allows, it’ll trip that circuit.

How Do I Test My Breaker?

To test your RV breaker, you can purchase an amp clamp meter to measure the number of amps it’s drawing. You want to make sure the circuit load is not exceeding the rating of the breaker. Open up your breaker panel and find the breaker that you are testing.

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