Would You Ever Try Bushcraft Camping?

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"Tent camping may be familiar, but have you ever tried bushcraft camping? Consider car camping, where you brought everything but the kitchen sink. Perhaps you included the tent, sleeping bag, comforter, pillows, air mattress, and more. Bushcraft camping is nothing like that, yet still similar. You won’t have all the amenities from home, but those luxuries will come from nature instead. Let’s dive in!"

What Is the Difference Between Bushcraft and Survival?

Survival camping is about surviving in the backcountry. Those campers navigate the frontier as though they are in an actual survival scenario. They practice skills like building a shelter, starting a fire using various heat sources, filtering water, finding and preparing food, and first aid.  Bushcraft camping involves practicing those skills on your terms and not in a survival situation. You can practice this camping style almost anywhere.

You can practice many bushcraft camping skills anywhere, even in your backyard. However, if you want a genuine bushcraft camping experience and not simply a place to practice a skill or two, you’ll want to find a more remote location. Bureau of Land Management (BLM) lands and National Forest lands are some of the best places to practice bushcraft skills.

Where Can I Bushcraft in the US?

Can You Build a Bushcraft Shelter in a National Forest?

The simple answer is yes but do so responsibly. Don’t chop down trees. That will cause trouble. Use downed trees and debris from an area that is rich in resources. Building a shelter to practice bushcraft camping in a region lacking natural resources doesn’t do anyone good.

What Makes a Knife a Bushcraft Knife?

Knives aren’t challenging to find. Walk into your local kitchenware or hardware store, and you’ll have many options. But for bushcraft camping, you don’t want a standard knife. You’ll want a bushcraft-specific knife. Your knife should make building a shelter and fire a less tricky task. It should have finesse and the strength to make outdoor cooking more manageable, too.

How Do You Practice Bushcraft Camping Skills?

The best way to do this is to overpack. Bring the backups for your first foray into bushcraft camping. Don’t stray too far from your vehicle. Have a warm sleeping bag and pad. Carry a cookstove, lighter, and good food. However, only use them if you must

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What do you think? Would you ever try bushcraft camping?