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5 Weirdest Rules You’ll Find in RV Parks

Most RV park rules exist for a reason—usually to keep campers safe and to help maintain the overall cleanliness and appeal of the campground. However, some rules are downright ridiculous! If you’ve ever checked in at a campground and received a welcome packet with three-plus pages of rules and regulations, you know what we mean! 

We’ve heard of and encountered many strange rules in the time we’ve spent RVing. Here are the five most bizarre campground rules we’ve ever encountered, and number five might blow your mind!

These RV Park Rules Are Pretty Weird

Every RV park has its own rules, and some are more strict than others. Since most RV parks have private owners, it’s up to the property owner to decide what rules their guests must follow! 

take only pictures campground sign
Most RV park rules exist to keep campers safe and the grounds well-maintained.

Here are some of the strangest rules from RV parks and resorts around the United States. 

1. The RV Park 10-Year Rule

The 10-year rule is one of the most feared (and sometimes misunderstood) rules out there.

RV parks that use the 10-year rule don’t allow RVers with rigs ten years old or older to camp at their campground. Some RV parks are strict with this rule, and others are more lenient. 

For example, many RVers travel with renovated RVs or restored vintage campers that are much older than ten years; however, many campgrounds with this rule will make an exception for well-maintained RVs in good condition. Others will not. 

Why does this rule exist? RV park owners probably think that the rule will keep “unsightly” RVs out of their campground. Keeping up the appearance of the campground may increase the perception that it is a “nicer” or cleaner campground. Many parks with this rule have more expensive nightly rates, so perhaps they are trying to cater to a higher-income clientele with new rigs.

Little do they realize that some 10-year-old rigs look and are better built than some brand new RVs. Also, you can’t judge a book by its cover, and you can’t judge an RVer by their choice of RV.

The 10 Year Rule & Why RVers Hate It

2. Name Tag Rules

Believe it or not, some RV resorts require guests to wear name tags any time they’re outside their RVs. This is one of the strangest rules of all! 

The name tag rules are likely to facilitate community-building, but it’s a little odd since many people go camping to enjoy solitude on their terms. We imagine the fun would be taken out of getting to know your neighbors if you’re being scolded for forgetting your nametag.

Pro Tip: If you think name tags are annoying, consider these 8 Ways You’re Probably Annoying Your RV Neighbor.

3. Weird Pet Rules

Many RV parks have rules about pets. We acknowledge that pet rules and breed restrictions exist for a reason, but they can also be discriminatory. 

Some RV parks don’t allow cats, even if they never leave the RV. This rule doesn’t make logical or economic sense, especially since more and more RVers are camping with their cats.

cat on a camping chair
Some RV parks prohibit cats.

Many RV resorts have size and breed restrictions for dogs, which may be due to local jurisdiction laws and rules. However, it can seem pretty unfair that you can’t stay in a campground just because of your dog’s size.

Pro Tip: Even if you don’t break a rule, can an RV park kick you out? We took a closer look to find out!

4. Campers Not Allowed to Receive Mail

Some RV parks and campgrounds don’t allow RVers to receive mail. And others will charge campers a fee for having mail sent there, which can create a hassle for full-time RVers who need to receive their mail while on the road. 

In extreme cases (like the video below shows), RVers have been kicked out and escorted by police out of their campground for receiving a package!

Kicked Out of Montrose San-Juan RV Resort for Receiving a Package! | RV Miles

If you need your mail when staying at an RV park, always ask about this rule when booking. You don’t want to get a surprise charge just for having your mail sent to you!

Pro Tip: Sign-up for an RV mail forwarding service to simplify receiving mail on the road.

5. Not Allowed to Wear Masks in Buildings

This might be the weirdest rule of all: one campground in Wisconsin has banned guests from wearing masks in campground buildings during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The campground owner stated in a Facebook post that mask-wearers would be treated as a “robbery in progress.” Although she did not elaborate, we hate to think what that might mean!

Most RV Park Rules Exist for a Reason

It’s true: Most rules exist for a reason. Whether it’s to keep campers safe or maintain a certain standard of cleanliness at a campground, many RV park rules are pretty reasonable. But there are always exceptions, and some rules can seem downright ridiculous! 

rv park rules
Most campground rules are very reasonable.

Familiarize yourself with the rules in the welcome packet you receive at each campground to avoid trouble, hassles, or fines. And regardless of the posted rules, we also recommend you follow the 20 Golden Camping Rules Every Camper Should Know if you want to be a responsible RVer.

Let us know the strangest campground rule you’ve ever encountered in the comments below!

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Saturday 1st of October 2022

The weirdest rule we ever heard was from a campground in Minnesota. The host told us no less than 3 times that there was no cursing allowed in the campground. WTH!!


Tuesday 21st of March 2023

@Colleen, There are times I lose it setting up my new Flagstaff popup compared to my 12 year old jayco. And sometimes I swear at bugs.

Mortons on the Move

Saturday 1st of October 2022

WTH indeed! Lol! That's definitely a weird rule.


Monday 12th of July 2021

We use “General Delivery” options thru US Post Office.

Not So Free

Monday 12th of July 2021

Be careful with that. Some offices will not accept General Delivery mail. Be sure to check ahead of time.