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What Can You Legally Do In A Camper While It’s Moving

Anyone new to the world of RVs may be asking: what can I legally do in a camper while it’s moving? Being able to drive a house on wheels may open your world to new possibilities, but that doesn’t change the fact that your perfectly compact home is still a vehicle that must follow the laws of the road. Nonetheless, there are perks to traveling in an RV that fall within each state’s legal limits.  

It’s Tempting to Move Around in Your RV When It’s Moving

You probably want to use your tiny house on wheels at all times, but when that house is in motion, think of it as a vehicle first. Not every road is smooth sailing; sometimes, there are potholes, sharp turns, or dangerous drivers with road rage. 

Can I Ride in the Back of a Travel Trailer, 5th Wheel or Truck Camper?

No matter how safely you try to drive, you can’t guarantee everything will go perfectly. This is why we have driving laws: to help everyone on the road reach their destination in one piece. So what can you legally do in a camper when it’s moving?

Can You Sleep in Your RV While It’s Moving?

As long as you’re upright in your buckled seat, you can legally sleep in your camper while it’s moving. Sleeping in a bed while the vehicle is in motion is unsafe because the sleeping traveler could fall out of the bed if there’s a sharp turn or bumpy road or panic stop. As tempting as it is to enjoy naptime in a bed instead of a seat, no one wants to wake up while face-planting on the floor. 

Inside of RV home from bed to front passenger seat.
While it’s tempting to go lay down in your bed while your RV is moving, it is unwise and dangerous.

Can You Stand and Walk Around in Your RV While It’s Moving?

You should remain seated with a seatbelt while the vehicle is in motion to obey seatbelt laws. Anyone who rode the school bus as a kid remembers how precarious it was to walk in the aisle before the bus came to a complete stop. In other words: it’s not worth the risk of falling over–or worse, getting in an accident while standing.

Most states have seatbelt laws that prevent moving around, but some people do it anyway. Leagally its not advisable, but a quick trip to get something when on smooth roads is usually ok. Just make sure you spend most of your time buckled in.

Can You Use the Bathroom in a Moving RV?

Most states require passengers to be buckled at all times while inside a moving vehicle. It may seem convenient to use an RV bathroom while on the road, but it’s safer to wait until the vehicle stops to avoid falling and hurting yourself. More importantly, if you remain seated and buckled, you’ll be significantly safer in a crash. 

One of the best parts about having a home on wheels is having a bathroom. To use it on the road however, find a safe place to pull over. Once the vehicle is stopped and parked out of the way, you can get up and use the bathroom. 

RV bathroom set up.
If you need to use the restroom, pull over before standing and moving about.

Can You Cook Food While the RV Is Moving?

Cooking while the vehicle is in motion is very dangerous. If the stove or oven is on and you hit a bump in the road, it could damage the appliances. Besides that, having your propane on is dangerous in a moving vehicle. 

Likewise, juggling pots and pans full of hot food is already tricky enough without being in a moving vehicle. If you need to cook a meal, park in a safe place first. Otherwise, keep snacks within reach of your seat.

Pro Tip: Propane doesn’t have to be dangerous, if used correctly. Apart from not using propane while your RV is in motion, make sure to Avoid Disaster With an RV Propane Detector.

Destroyed RV due to propane fire.
Avoid a propane disaster by not cooking while your RV is in motion.

Can You Watch TV in Your RV While Driving?

As long as you’re buckled in and have power to the TV, you can legally watch TV in your camper while it’s moving. Obviously, the driver must be satisfied with listening to the show while focusing on the road.

As for everyone else, some RVs have more seat belts available in the dining and living areas. So, if your couch has seat belts–awesome! If not, consider watching something on your phone while strapped into your seat. 

Couple watching TV from inside their RV.
If the driver is not distracted, you can legally watch TV while your camper is moving.

Can You Ride in an RV Trailer (Travel Trailer or Fifth Wheel)?

No, Only Class A, B, or C motorhomes offer safe seating options while traveling. If your travel trailer is hooked up to a towing vehicle, such as a truck, all passengers must ride inside the cab. If a vehicle isn’t meant to drive, it doesn’t have airbags or other extra safety measures to protect passengers in case of a car crash. 

What CAN You Do in a Moving Camper?

You can sit back, relax, and enjoy the gorgeous views! If you’re not driving, you can prepare for a drive in the RV like you would a car trip. Stock up on easy-to-reach snacks and entertainment, or keep your eyes on the window and watch the miles fly by. 

Follow Seatbelt Laws

In the United States, wearing a seatbelt in a moving vehicle is a primary law in 32 states and secondary law in 18. In states where it’s a primary law, officers can pull someone over for not wearing a seat belt. If it’s only a secondary law, the officer can only write a ticket if they notice you or your passengers aren’t wearing a seat belt when you’re pulled over for something else. New Hampshire is the only state that does not have any seatbelt laws.

Woman buckling seatbelt before driving.
Staying seated and buckled is the best way to stay safe while your RV is moving.

Stay Seated

Staying seated and buckled is the safest way to travel, even in an RV full of extra space. Walking around any area in motion would be difficult, especially when the furniture has to be so compact. There are too many ways to get injured in a moving vehicle, and it’s best just to play it safe and remain seated. 

Run Your Air Conditioner

The generator can power your AC, just keep in mind how much energy you’re using and make sure to turn off your AC before turning off your generator. 

Pro Tip: Staying cool on the go has never been easier. Here is What You Need to Know About Your RV Air Conditioner.

Run Your Generator (On-Board)

You can use your generator while driving to keep your fridge and other appliances running. However, the generator uses a gallon of fuel each hour you use it and will automatically turn off when you get down to a quarter tank. 

Empty RV Camper Van Fridge Inside RV.
As long as your fridge is NOT propane, you can run it while you’re driving.

Keep Your Fridge Running

A refrigerator can also run while you’re driving. Its advisable to turn propane off while in motion if absorption. A residential fridge can run on an inverter or generator, however.

Many people leave propane on while driving as well, but be sure to at least turn it off when at gas stations, tunnels and ferries where its required by law.

Remember to Check Your State Guidelines

Stay up to date on your state’s seatbelt guidelines! We want to stay safe while traveling and not spend our vacation days in a hospital or waiting for auto repairs. Don’t get caught by surprise when exploring new states because you’re unfamiliar with their laws. 

RV Driving Safety - Safety and Security Series Part 2

Stay Safe Out There! 

RVs may seem more like a house than a car, but at the end of the day, they’re vehicles that have to follow the laws of the road. Even if you can’t sleep in a bed, cook a meal, or take a shower while driving, you can always pull over in the middle of nowhere and take care of business. 

As long as you’re parked safely and have a generator, you have more options than you would in a car. And you’ll stay safe!

What are your rules when your RV is in motion? Drop a comment below.

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Glen A Burford

Monday 20th of September 2021

Just a reminder on the sleeping rule........ That only applies if you are NOT the driver. :0 :) (Sorry, could not pass that up.)

Not So Free

Monday 30th of August 2021

Just a little clarification about TVs. At least in VA the screen can not be visible to the driver while in motion. . Remember when: "The Long Long Trailer". Lucy trying to prepare dinner as they went down the road. Hilarious.

Bill Morgan

Monday 30th of August 2021

Over half of all States allow passengers to ride in TTs or Fifth-wheels.


Monday 30th of August 2021

Thank you - that's good information. Usually it's just the 2 of us, but we're driving our MH with another couple in a few weeks just to get from OH to a Florida houseboat. I wasn't sure if the 2 of us sitting at the dinette would need to wear seatbelts!!


Monday 30th of August 2021

A good article! Not sure though if you really wanted to go urban dictionary on us...;-) "Leagally its not advisable, but a quick trip to get something when on smooth roads is usually ok."