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What Is a Boreas Camper?

Adventure and a Boreas camper go hand in hand. This unique RV built by an RVer is in a class of its own. It’s perfect for off-road enthusiasts looking for a rugged yet simple camper for going off-grid. Keep reading to discover the different Boreas models and find out which one is the right fit for your travel style. 

What Is a Boreas Camper? 

A Boreas camper tackles off-roading like a champ. It’s a compact camper that can fit in a one-stall garage. Thanks to the fiberglass, steel, and aluminum construction, these campers are both lightweight and strong.

The Boreas has off-grid capabilities and comes with all-terrain tires. It may be small, but it packs in features and comforts. From solar capabilities to full outdoor kitchens, this camper can handle much more than one might think.

Boreas Camper
Boreas Campers include all-terrain tires.

How Much Do Boreas Campers Cost? 

The cost of a Boreas camper varies depending on add-ons and features. However, they start at $36,990 for a new XT and go up to $79,990 for a new EOS-12. The Boreas website lists dealers they partner with where you can purchase your camper. 

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The Boreas Camper Lineup

Boreas currently offers two camper models: the smaller XT and the larger EOS-12. Both campers are outfitted for off-roading and include a queen mattress and outdoor kitchen. Let’s take a closer look at their sizes and features.

XT Trailer

The Boreas XT is 2,200 pounds and 16 feet. This all-terrain trailer manages 19 inches of ground clearance and has a Cruisemaster CRS2 axel-less independent suspension. Get power through the 100-watt solar panel or via shore power with a battery charger.

Inside, enjoy 57 x 79 x 45-inches of space and a memory foam queen mattress. A forced-air furnace and an all-weather fan with 10 speeds let you control the temperature at will. 

The outside kitchen includes a two-burner stovetop and a stainless steel sink with on-demand water. It also features a 60-liter electric cooler refrigerator and freezer combo.

2022 Boreas Campers XT Walkthrough

Boreas EOS-12 Camper

This Boreas camper brings extra comfort to off-roading adventures. It includes a wet bath and a roof that extends to give you enough space to stand up. It’s also heavier at 3,750 pounds dry weight and quite a bit longer at 20 feet.

This all-terrain trailer comes with an independent suspension just like the Boreas XT camper, and it has 20 inches of ground clearance. Like other trailers, it offers solar power. You can even camp in extreme weather thanks to the heated water tanks. 

Impressively, the inside can sleep four adults, plus one child, if you opt for the fold-down bunk. Besides the queen bed, a dinette folds down into a double bed. When you extend the roof, you’ll get 6-feet-6-inches of standing room. The wet bath includes a cassette toilet and shower. 

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The outdoor kitchen has a three-burner stovetop, a stainless steel sink, and a Truma fridge and freezer. You can even use a fold-down table for prep. 

Boreas Eos-12 Off-Road Camper Trailer

Benefits of Off-Road Trailers

Off-road trailers give you flexibility and freedom when you’re out exploring. Let’s take a closer look at some of the benefits of these trailers.


A lightweight trailer, like the Boreas camper, can get you farther off the beaten path. They typically do better in sand, mud, and other tough terrains. 

Can Be Taken Anywhere

An off-road trailer can travel where low clearance vehicles and regular tires can’t. Whether you’re heading into the mountains or boondocking in the backcountry, an off-road trailer can take you virtually anywhere you want to go.

Low Maintenance

Off-road trailers, like the Boreas, tend to be low maintenance. They have fewer bells and whistles than other trailers or RVs. However, where they lack amenities that may require frequent maintenance, they make up for it with features such as solar panels and tires fit for rugged terrain.

Little to No Prep Time

Due to the size and efficiency of an off-road trailer, there’s little to no prep time to get it ready for a trip. Pack what you need, hitch it up, and go! This gives you more flexibility when the mood for adventure strikes.

SUV towing Boreas Camper
Off-road trailers, like the Boreas Camper, allow you to hitch up and go more readily than a traditional RV.

Is a Boreas Camper Right for You?

Whether you’re looking for an off-road adventure rig or a lightweight, compact trailer, a Boreas camper could certainly meet your needs. These rugged little trailers provide essential amenities and more. And while they don’t come cheap, you can feel confident you’re getting a high-quality, thoughtfully designed camping trailer that will take you off the beaten path and beyond.

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