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5 Best Off-Road RV Trailers for Epic Camping

5 Best Off-Road RV Trailers for Epic Camping

Have you ever looked out and thought to yourself, “If I could get my trailer out there, that would be the perfect spot!” If you’d like to camp only where your 4×4 will get you, an off-road trailer might be of interest to you. Join us as we take a look at five off-road trailers that will scratch your itch for adventure!

What Is an Off-Road Trailer?

An off-road trailer allows you to take your travels to more remote locations that you might not be able to reach in a regular trailer. It’s usually something you’ll tow with a 4×4 or other off-road vehicle, and it has specific tires, shocks, and framing to cushion the bumpier ride. 

black series off road trailer
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When you’ve found an off-road trailer to match your wanderlust, you’ll find yourself waking up in places you would never have thought possible with a standard travel trailer

What Kind of Vehicle Do You Need for an Off-Road Trailer? 

As mentioned previously, you’ll need a 4×4 or off-road vehicle to tow this type of trailer. An off-road vehicle differs from a standard car in a few ways. 

First, many remote locations will require a high clearance vehicle, so the undercarriage of your off-road vehicle will be at least 15 inches off the ground, almost double that of standard clearance in a passenger car. Some cars have higher clearance than that, and others can be “souped-up” by raising the undercarriage above the tires. 

Usually, off-road vehicles are all-wheel-drive (AWD), or they’re four-wheel drive (4WD), meaning they can engage all four wheels when trying to get unstuck or handle rough terrain. 

Off-road vehicles will have more durable tires with deeper tread, more flexible shocks and struts, and other features that enable them to handle a challenging roadway. 

off road trailer vehicle

Additionally, many off-road vehicles will have a winch on the front of the tow vehicle to help you in and out of tricky situations. A winch is a rolled-up cable that you can hook to a sturdy object, such as a tree, and pull yourself out if you get stuck in a remote location. 

Popular off-road vehicles include Jeep Wrangler, Mercedes Benz G, Land Rover, Ford Ranger Raptor, Suzuki Jimny, Toyota Land Cruiser, and more. 

Overlanding: What Is It? 

Overlanding is traveling to remote locations without a clear destination in mind. You’re simply looking for adventure while traversing paths both charted and not.  

Most often, you’ll use an off-road trailer as the only source of shelter. Overlanding involves being self-reliant without access to typical campground amenities such as electricity. These overland adventures often last for extended periods and may even cross international boundaries.

The 5 Best Off-Road Trailers

Once you’ve got your off-road vehicle and you’re ready to start your next overlanding adventure, you need a reliable trailer to take with you. Here are some of our favorites: 

1. TAXA Cricket Overland Off-Road Trailer

The whole family will be ready for adventure in the TAXA Outdoors Cricket Overland. The TAXA is an off-road trailer that will take you wherever you want to go, but with style. 


Packed in this tiny trailer is 25 cubic feet of storage under the full-sized bed, which is plenty of space to pack enough supplies for your overland adventure. In addition to a full-sized bed, there are two kid’s berths or loft beds overhead. 

This trailer comes equipped with an outdoor hot and cold shower as well as a portable toilet. You’ll also enjoy the two-burner stove and sink for indoor cooking abilities. With 14” of ground clearance, campers can take their journey to places many others can only view from afar. 

2. OPUS Camper OP4

If pop-up trailers fit your style, the OPUS Camper OP4 is worth a look. It might pack up tightly, but it expands into an off-grid palace. The OPUS Camper OP4 uses AIR-inflated technology, which allows the tent area to quickly inflate in under two minutes! 


With a 12.4” clearance, this unit is designed to take you places you couldn’t go to before. While the structure will keep you out of the elements, the views to the outside will make you feel like you’re still one with nature. 

Another highlight is the impressive outdoor kitchen that features a fold-out two-burner stove and sink. You won’t miss out on great food when you take this trailer on the road!

3. Lotus Caravans (Australia) and Black Series (USA) Off-Grid Trailers 

When it comes to Overlanding the outback in Australia has helped the Aussies develop some seriously great trailers. Recently some have begun importing to the US!

It’s possible to land yourself off-road in a more standard trailer–just make sure it’s well-equipped. That’s what you’ll find with the Lotus Caravans Off-Grid in Australia or the Black Series in the US.

BLACK SERIES - 4WD CC FB Black Series Vid 2 V4

With floor plans that can sleep up to six people, the whole family will be comfortable on your adventure. You’ll enjoy full, hot showers with an on-demand water heater. And we’re certain you’ll appreciate the leather seating and great decor options as well. 

Who says going off the grid has to mean roughing it? This off-grid trailer will make you feel like you’re traveling in luxury when you’re out exploring those hard-to-reach destinations. 

4. Airstream Basecamp Off-Road Trailer

Airstream is well-known for its quality and sleek designs. The Airstream Basecamp line is perfect for those that appreciate those qualities but want to take their journey off the beaten path. 


Airstream has checked all of the boxes with the Basecamp while making the best use of space. It has a lounge area that transforms into a dinette and eventually a bed. What’s more, it has a 3” lift kit and a raised hitch jack foot, giving you extra clearance for those rugged roads. 

The Basecamp is one of the smallest Airstreams available, making it ideal for getting into tight spaces. It can also be towed by more maneuverable half-ton and three-quarter-ton trucks.

After a day out exploring, come back and enjoy a hot shower in your full wet bathroom, or refuel using the kitchen, complete with two burners, a sink, and a built-in microwave. The Airstream Basecamp will open up the possibility of off-grid camping with luxury. 

5. Terradrop Camper

The Terradrop Camper was designed with off-roading in mind. This off-road trailer is perfect for those that just need a place to lay their heads and cook a quick meal after a day of outdoor adventures. 


The Terradrop Camper is custom-configured when you order. Choosing what you need or don’t also helps you control the unit’s weight. You’ll sleep in comfort in the interior and cook your meals outdoors. There’s also a surprising amount of storage in the outdoor kitchen’s custom cabinetry. 

The Rhino rail rack system installed up top provides options for bringing along even more gear. You won’t have to worry about stale air with the fantastic fan installed. For those looking for an off-road trailer for 1-2 people, this is a great option.

Looking for a truck camper instead? Here are the 5 Best Off-Road Truck Campers.

Go on the Adventure of Your Dreams in an Off-Road Trailer

Thankfully you don’t have to sacrifice comfort and innovation to go on the adventure of your dreams. If your adventure style tends to take you to remote places, an off-road trailer is perfect for you. Is going off-road on your bucket list?

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Wednesday 1st of March 2023

You need to add Tentrax off-road trailers next time. Love mine! Really high clearance... higher than my Jeep. Took it over many 12,000 & 13,000 ft passes on rough old mining roads in CO.

Chip Maddox

Tuesday 15th of March 2022

Hey Tom we have been looking for tt like a Nash or similar tt with high ground clearance for getting away from the crowds. Black Series is a little pricey for us. Have any recommendations on a approx. 20ft boonedocking tt Thanks

Mortons on the Move

Wednesday 6th of April 2022

I would take a look at these articles and see if anything sparks your interest: The TAXA Mantis and Airstream Basecamp are other options to consider.