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What Is An RV Inside Like?

Are you wondering what an RV inside is like? RV living is all the rage these days. But you may be wondering, “What exactly is it like to live in an RV? What features do they offer, and which ones would be right for me?” Let’s find out just how an RV interior looks and feels.

What’s an RV Inside Like?

RVs come in many shapes and sizes, and therefore so do their interiors. An RV inside can look and feel completely different depending on the class of vehicle. For example, a Class B might be cozy and close, while a Class A offers residential amenities.

RV living Room
It’s small but we love our cozy couch, especially with a view like this!

Many RV interiors optimize space as much as possible. That includes things like folding beds. You might also find a full shower and a separate bathroom. However, sometimes the shower and toilet share space to maximize efficiency. 

Standard Features and Amenities Inside an RV

RVs vary in what they offer for features. Most RVs provide a sleeping area and food prep area. You will also often find a bathroom on board, though not always.

Sleeping Area

RVs might include separate sleeping spaces or actual bedrooms. There are RVs with one, two, or even three separate bedrooms. Some RVs have dual-purpose spaces that transform into extra sleeping areas, like a dining table that folds down into a bed.

inside a fifth wheel RV
The bedroom inside a fifth-wheel RV.

Food Prep/Kitchen Area

Depending on the RV, you could get a full kitchen similar to a residential one. Some RVs do opt for smaller kitchenettes, though. Many RVs offer a refrigerator, stovetop, microwave, and possibly an oven. Believe it or not, you can find some RVs that even come with a dishwasher.

rear kitchen RV inside
This is inside a rear kitchen fifth wheel, and yep there is even a dishwasher!

Living Area

The living area can range from a sectional sofa or multiple seating areas to a single couch. Some living areas feature fireplaces or even telescoping televisions to make the most use of the space. You may think RVs aren’t suitable for hosting, but some models give you ample seating for groups.

Restroom Area

Some RVs include a single bathroom with a small stand-up shower and just enough room to maneuver. Others offer a walk-in shower with a seat.

inside a truck camper
This is inside a truck camper

Some RVs come with two bathrooms, including an ensuite attached to the master bedroom. Bathrooms off bunk rooms may come with a small bathtub. Smaller RVs offer a wet bath where the shower and toilet are all in one place.

Every RV is a little different inside. Let’s look at some specific examples to see what features you might find in your next RV.

Fifth Wheel Interior: 2020 Keystone Montana

2020 Keystone Montana 3781RL | Rear Living Fifth Wheel | RV Life

This rear-living model has three slide-outs and sleeps four people. It features a massive kitchen island with even more counter space behind. Plus, you’ll get a living room with two large couches. There are even washer/dryer hookups in the coat closet.

In the front bathroom, you get a double sink vanity with a large walk-in shower. The bedroom has opposing slide-outs, making it large and spacious.

Travel Trailer Inside: 2021 Grand Design Imagine

Tour Our 2021 Grand Design Imagine Travel Trailer + Before & After Reveal! | Full-Time RV Living

This 21-foot-11-inch trailer features a queen murphy bed that converts into a large couch for day use. There’s also a reclining sofa where you can set up a stowaway table.

You’ll have loads of counter space in this RV — almost 11 feet worth. Plus, there’s a huge awning so you can relax outside as well.

Class A RV Inside: 2020 Winnebago Horizon

2020 Winnebago Horizon 42Q Class A Review

This 43-foot-3-inch Class A RV features a power king bed and tons of space. The L-shaped couch in the living space converts into a bed. Or entertain around the TV and fireplace. It includes a bath and a half, as well as a stackable washer and dryer. Add in a residential French door refrigerator in the kitchen, and this RV inside offers a truly residential feel.

Inside a Class C RV: Coachmen Freelander

Most popular Class C RV Floorplan! See why! Coachmen Freelander 32DS

The 31-foot Coachmen Freelander comes with opposing lounge areas. You’ll find a jackknife sofa that converts to a bed on one side and a j-lounge dinette on the other. Plus, you get a queen-sized bed above the cab and a queen bed in the master bedroom. This Class C comes with a residential refrigerator, washer/dryer hookups, and an outdoor kitchen. 

Class B RV Interior: Winnebago Travato

The #1 Selling Class B Motorhome in the World!

This 21-foot van includes a powered awning, drop-down screen door, and backup camera. The many solar panels and a generator will help you stay off-grid.

Included are two twin beds that can convert into a king bed. The kitchen has a two-burner cooktop with a convection microwave and a dorm-style fridge. There’s also a wet bath packed into this Class B motorhome.

These five RVs represent some of the most popular RV inside designs out there. Seeing them should give you a taste of what you can expect.

Can You Easily Update an RV’s Interior?

RV interiors are notoriously behind the times in terms of style. By the time the RV industry catches on to a modern interior design, it has changed again. That’s why you’ll see many RVers update their camper interiors to suit their own style.

There are several easy things you can do to lighten and brighten the inside of your camper. From updating the flooring to painting, and even installing peel-and-stick backsplash, customizing the inside of your RV can be simple and very rewarding.

RV Interior Accessories

In addition to physical changes to the RV interior, you can easily add accessories to make the space more functional and fun. Several common accessories for your camper interior include RV furniture upgrades, camper bathroom accessories, RV kitchen appliances, and items to help with storage and organization.

RV Interior Furniture

RV furniture can easily be swapped out for something you find at a furniture store. However, there are several unique furniture designs you should be aware of. First, most recliners you’ll find inside RVs are wall hugger recliners. These allow you to keep the furniture all the way up against the wall but still be able to recline.

Next, be aware that RV mattresses are of different sizes. An “RV king” mattress is a few inches different than a normal king bed, and so forth. You can get the full scoop on the different sizes in our RV Mattress Article. You may also run into curved or special-shaped mattresses that need custom cuts.

Pro Tip: These mattresses are usually very uncomfortable, so we always recommend an RV mattress topper to get that great night’s sleep while camping.

Camper Bathroom Accessories

Due to the generally smaller size of camper bathrooms, bathroom organization is key. Soap dispensers, pocket organizers, and finding ways to secure things during travel will definitely help with keeping it neat and clean. Additionally, many RVers upgrade their RV shower head to provide better flow without wasting water.

RV Kitchen Upgrades

While very functional, you may find that RV kitchens are pretty basic. Adding additional under-counter water filtration will help make your freshwater more usable and safer.

Since countertop and storage space is limited, you will also have creative with additional appliances and dishware to get the most out of your kitchen. Think multi-purpose items, like the 7-in-one Instant Pot, and collapsing strainers, measuring cups, and bowls to save cupboard space.

Here is a list of our favorite RV kitchen accessories to outfit your camper like a pro.

Explore The Inside of an RV Yourself

Want to get a feel for the inside of an RV yourself? A great place to start would be at your local RV dealer or heading to an RV show where you can see many makes, models, and floorplans that will run the gambit of options.

YouTube is also a great place to head for walkthrough tours. But if you’re looking to buy an RV, we highly recommend taking the time to examine and explore inside these RVs. Layout is the most important thing when it comes to choosing an RV you’ll be happy with, the rest of the interior can be customized to your liking later.

Which RV stands out to you? Is there one you can see yourself in?

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Wednesday 26th of May 2021

Hi guys, what is the make and model of the 5th wheel rear kitchen you show is this blog. My wife and I are looking at this and like that one.

Mortons on the Move

Saturday 19th of June 2021

There are a few manufacturers that make them like that . DRV, Alliance and New Horizons are the ones we have seen. The one in this blog is a custom New Horizons model. They are very high end luxury fifth wheels.