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Who Makes Redwood RV?

You may not have heard of Redwood RV, but they’ve been around for a while. Their luxury fifth wheels might be one of the highest quality RV that you’ve never heard of. Let’s look at what a Redwood RV is and why it could be worth considering for your next RV purchase. 

Who Makes Redwood RV? 

Thor Industries is the owner of CrossRoads RV, and CrossRoads RV is the manufacturer of the Redwood RV line. They’ve been in the RV business since 1996. Production of the Redwood RV line of fifth wheels began in 2010. 

Redwood fifthwheel

About Thor Industries

Thor Industries is a large player in the RV community. They own 17 North American RV manufacturers. That includes Airstream, Jayco, Keystone, DRV, and Tiffin. 

What Kind of RV Is a Redwood?

Redwood RVs are luxury fifth wheels. Redwood sets themselves apart from other manufacturers with their elegant interiors and quality exteriors. Even the less exciting components, such as the underbelly of the rig, receive just as much attention to detail as the flashier bits. Redwood works hard to provide pleasing interior fabrics, custom cabinetry, and leading technology. 

Who Were Redwood RVs Originally Made For?

Redwood RVs were born when the CrossRoads RV manufacturer saw a need in the baby boomer market. There was a lack of luxury fifth wheels that targeted this demographic.

As baby boomers began entering the RVing community, this lack left many feeling disenchanted. Redwood RVs wanted to change that and prove that Class A motorhomes don’t have to be the only choice for this age group. 

Redwood rv

Redwood RV Models

Regardless of your floorplan preferences, Redwood RVs have the perfect fifth wheel for you. Choose among 10 different layouts. The RW3401RL is the smallest option, whereas the RW4150RD is the largest of the bunch. Different layout options feature different bedroom, kitchen, and living room configurations so you can find a floorplan that meets your needs.

The Redwood RV line keeps baby boomers in mind. Therefore, you won’t find bunkroom models here. Instead, you’ll see spacious layouts, dual opposing slides, large bathrooms, and massive closets. In addition, each unit offers washer and dryer prep, great for those longer trips or folks on the road full-time. 

Redwood fifth wheel rv

These luxury fifth wheels range from 36 feet 8 inches to 44 feet 10 inches. Enjoy 13 feet 6 inches of height in every model. Even with so much interior space, Redwood wisely makes use of it all, so you get plenty of storage. 

Top Features of a Redwood RV

One of the great things about these RVs is the residential feel of the vehicles. Let’s see which features help achieve this.

Four-Season Livability

Redwood RVs provide year-round enjoyment. Whether you’re a weekend warrior who enjoys camping in each season or a full-timer, these fifth wheels will keep you comfortable all year round. The units have gone through rigorous temperature testing to ensure they maintain the perfect temperature despite extreme conditions outside. 

Is four-season livability a luxury you really need? Or is it all hype? Find out here: What Is a 4-Season Camper and When Do You Need One?

Workable Kitchens

RVs aren’t typically known for their spacious kitchens, but Redwood RVs break the mold. You won’t lack counter space while meal prepping. In addition, some units feature full front or rear kitchens, leaving you feeling right at home. Not only are these kitchens easy to cook in, but they’re also large enough that you can cook with a partner.

Something Amazing About this Redwood Fifth Wheel RV! 3981FK

Residential Appliances

You’ll feel right at home with the 22 cubic foot residential refrigerator and four-burner gas range with a 3.7 cubic foot oven. Not to mention, there are residential-style fixtures throughout the unit, down to the cabinetry hardware. 

Luxury Finishes

Some of the luxury finishes that make this fifth wheel shine include the full body paint, luxury full profile, and high-end fixtures. In addition, the oversized farmhouse sink leaves plenty of room for after-meal clean-up.

While some prefer to set up shop in full-service RV parks, you can also go off-grid in style while boondocking with the included sidewall solar prep.  

Enjoy Years of Luxury

Redwood RVs are perfect for couples regardless of whether they’re weekend warriors or full-time travelers. You’ll enjoy years of luxury no matter your travel style.

thor fifth wheel from behind

Could you see yourself calling a Redwood RV home? Drop a comment below.

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Tuesday 20th of July 2021

The wife an I have been living in our Redwood 2019 3901WB for a year. We spent last summer in Mesa in Temps over 116 the three airs did wonderful. We love the residential feel of the unit and the quality.

Mortons on the Move

Thursday 22nd of July 2021

Wow! That's saying a lot if your Redwood stayed cool in 116-degree heat. Thanks for sharing!