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Who Owns Lance Campers?

Who Owns Lance Campers?

Chances are if you’ve been around the RV scene, you’ve heard of Lance Campers. Many know them for creating the standard for truck campers. They offer good quality, forward-thinking designs, and a reputable brand name. There’s a lot to know about this award-winning company and how it was purchased by one of the largest RV companies in the industry today.

Let’s learn more about Lance Campers.

Who Owns Lance Campers?

Lance Campers began in 1965 out of North Hollywood, California. Originally named M&M Trailer Supply, Richard Murray started the company. In the 1970s, he and Ron Mertes sold it to Jack Cole.

Cole first started working at the company as a high school student and never envisioned he’d become president and CEO someday. For more than five decades, he and Jeff Souleles ran Lance and built it into the successful company it is today.

go north lance camper

Currently, REV Group owns Lance Campers. Jack Cole and Jeff Souleles transitioned out of the company. Matt Buckman is the new Vice President and General Manager.

When Did REV Group Buy Lance Campers?

REV Group purchased the company on Jan. 12, 2018, switching it from a privately-owned company to a subsidiary of a much larger publically traded one. Jack Cole and Jeff Souleles wanted to find a sustainable company that would continue Lance’s legacy and the culture they helped create. They believe they found that passion in REV Group.

With the acquisition, REV Group took over a piece of the truck camper and travel trailer market. REV Group plans to grow Lance Campers and expand the product line.

What RV Brands Does REV Group Own?

Aside from Lance, REV Group owns a range of RV brands, including motorhome and custom trailer brands. Their motorhome brands include American Coach, Fleetwood RV, Monaco Coach, and Holiday Rambler.

REV Group also owns Renegade RV, makers of Class C motorhomes, toterhomes, and enclosed trailers. And finally, Midwest Automotive Designs, who build luxury vans and Class B motorhomes.

rev class b motorhome

In addition, they’re the parent company to specialty vehicle brands. In all, their varied portfolio includes nearly 30 brands, catering to the fire and emergency, commercial, and recreation markets. The vehicles they manufacture range from ambulances and school buses to street sweepers and RVs. Additionally, REV Group owns a molded fiberglass manufacturer out of Indiana.

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What Are Lance Campers Known For?

Lance Campers are known for their truck campers. Prior to the introduction of travel trailers in the mid 2000s, Lance and truck campers were almost synonymous. They are responsible for many truck camper innovations and standards and developed a patented LanceLock™ building technique for the section that sits in the bed of the truck.

They dabbled in fifth wheels for a short period of time. Just before the 2008 recession, they made the fortunate decision to diversify from just truck campers to add in travel trailers. This move likely saved them from the fate of many other RV manufacturers in 2008, and they were able to stay afloat and prosper since.

As a California RV Manufacturer, they have also done things a bit differently. Under stricter California regulations, various production processes, building requirements, and incentives have driven production.

Watch the video below for a look through the factory and how these campers are made:

Building the Lance Truck Camper & Pickup Out for Our Expedition North | Go North Ep 2

Lance Camper Features

The company uses Azdel, a lightweight product that replaces wood, to reduce the chance of mold, decrease the weight by half, provide a better R-value, and offer a formaldehyde-free product. 

Other features that show off their engineering skills include awnings with lateral arm supports complete with wind sensors to retract them when needed. And their models are eco-friendly and toxin-free. Lance even offers four-season models that include standard dual pane windows, advanced ducted heating, heated tanks, and more.

Are Lance Travel Trailers Any Good?

While a newer product to their line, Lance has won several awards for its travel trailers. In the past few years alone, they won the 2020 Trailer Life Gold Reader’s Choice Award in the small camping trailer, travel trailer, and truck camper categories. Lance won the Gold award in the truck campers category for the nine years it’s been around.

The Lance 2075 Ultra-Light Travel Trailer won the 2020 RV Pro Best of Show. The Lance 1770 Ultra-Light Travel Trailer won the 2019 RV Business Top Debut. And the company won the National RV Dealers Association (RVDA) Dealer Satisfaction Index (DSI) Quality Circle Award for 17 years in a row.

Additionally, Lance Campers offers a two-year structural warranty in addition to a full one-year warranty on their models to give you peace of mind.

Does Lance Make a Motorhome?

Lance doesn’t make motorhomes but specializes in truck campers and travel trailers. Both offer many of the luxuries of motorhomes, like a kitchen, bathroom, and sleeping areas. Currently, Lance makes 10 truck camper models and 12 travel trailer models.

In an interview, Jack Cole said switching the production line to motorhomes would be a big step for Lance.

It’s hard to narrow down only a few popular Lance models, but here are some of their most popular RVs.

Lance 825 Truck Campers

The Lance 825 is one of their most popular truck campers. It works well for short bed trucks, like the Toyota Tundra or your F-150 truck. At a wet weight of 2,155 pounds, this 16-foot truck camper sleeps four to five people.

It comes standard with all you’ll need and more to camp, including a deluxe queen bed with a residential mattress, a luxury dinette that turns into a 36 x 70-inch bed, and vented heat even in the wet bath.

Lance 825 Truck Camper | Floor Plan Walkthrough & Feature Highlights

Lance 650 Truck Campers

The Lance 650 is smaller. It may be an ideal option for half-ton trucks with five- and six-foot beds. This lightweight truck camper sleeps three between the queen over-cab bed and the convertible dinette bed.

It features six-foot-ten-inches of interior floor length and has a wet weight of 1,903 pounds. It comes standard with a tankless water heater and an 18,000 BTU forced-air furnace. Upgrade to electric jacks, a microwave, and a side and rear awning to up your camping experience.

Lance 650 Truck Camper | Floor Plan Walkthrough & Feature Highlights

Lance 1172 Truck Campers

The Lance 1172 is their flagship truck camper and has a whopping 11-feet-11-inches of inside floor length. This model won the RV News Annual Best of Show New Unit. It features a dry bath and two slides, and is one of the largest truck campers on the market.

This double-slide model has a “super slide” dinette and a slide-out for the sofa. It has a wet weight of 4,628 pounds and some awesome features like keyless entry and exterior storage, a rear mount ladder and Maggie Rack, a pantry, and a 20,000 BTU furnace.

Of course, it’s also the rig we took all the way to the Arctic Ocean in our Go North series!

Tour the Lance 1172 Truck Camper - The Go North Expedition Vehicle | Go North Explore More Ep 1

Lance 960 Truck Campers

A final must-see for their truck campers is the Lance 960. This hard-side, non-slide truck camper features a wet bath, Euro cabinets, and nine-feet-11-inches of interior floor length. It’s perfect for long-bed trucks. In addition, Lance utilized Truck Camper Magazine’s Ultimate Camper Survey results when designing this model. 

Lance 960 Truck Camper | Floor Plan Walkthrough & Feature Highlights

Lance 2075 Travel Trailers

For travel trailer models, the 2075 and 1475 are popular. The Lance 2075 is nearly 25 feet long with a GVWR of 6,200 pounds. You’ll have all you need and more in this well-appointed travel trailer. There are rear and side awnings and an exterior rear pull-out kitchen.

With a wrap-around U-dinette and overhead Euro cabinetry, this modern and spacious travel trailer is light and bright. It sleeps four with the walk-around queen bed and the 40 x 80-inch convertible dinette.

Lance 2075 Travel Trailer | Floor Plan Walkthrough & Feature Highlights

Lance 1475 Travel Trailers

The Lance 1475 comes in at just 3,700 pounds GVWR and works with midsize tow vehicles. Also, it has a dry bath and sleeps two to three people, all in less than 20 feet. It’s the company’s smallest travel trailer model. This is yet another model designed based on customer feedback. 

Lance 1475s Travel Trailer | Floor Plan Walkthrough & Feature Highlights

Lance Campers: A Name With A Legacy

Lance Campers is a name that has been in the RV industry for a long time. Like many RV companies, they are no longer owned by their original founders. Now a subsidiary of REV Group, the company continues to produce truck campers but has shifted more of its focus to the more popular and profitable travel trailer line.

As with all company acquisitions, we hope the new owners continue to retain the quality and commitment the Lance Camper name has been known for over half a century.

Have you looked at a Lance camper? What did you think? Let us know in the comments.

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You didn’t post my LEMON review! Why not? It’s true and folks deserve to know. Censorship should not be allowed. Shame on you.

Mortons on the Move

Thursday 27th of January 2022

Just had not reviewed the comments yet, sorry to hear about your experience, very frusterating.

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Sunday 23rd of January 2022

We bought a 2020 2375 travel trailer in June of. 20. The list of defects are tremendous. A leaking shower. A broken toilet. A malfunctioning awning. Broken tongue Jack. Ect Ect. We took it back in Jan of 21 when the furnace faulted. They had it 10 months. We got it back in Oct. First cold temps in Dec the furnace quit. A widow popped loose. The microwave draws inconsistent amperage. The counter leaks at the sinks and swelled. Both Bankstons RV’s and Lance want to blame the pandemic. We’re starting to argue with Lance now. I bought it for work to manage a perdiem. They’ve had it more than me since I’ve owned it. It’s inoperable now and I’m fixing to travel again. Lance sold me a Lemon. I truly hope they stand behind their product and replace it. If not. I’ll use every platform I can to share this with interested people. Maybe you can help. Intercede.


Wednesday 6th of October 2021

We bought a used 1999 Lance Camper and need a replacement escape vent cover/lid. It is cracked. Cover measurement Size is 26" x 19 3/4. Any ideas?

Rebecca J McPhee

Wednesday 18th of August 2021

I have a 2015 Lance travel trailer. I absolutely love it. The Model 1575 sleeps 4. It is the perfect size for me.

Mortons on the Move

Wednesday 18th of August 2021

Awesome! We're glad you found a camper you love. :)


Friday 23rd of July 2021

We bought a gently used 2017 model 1985 Lance travel trailer 2 years ago. We absolutely love it. We're looked a larger and smaller trailers, and find our 24 ft trailer is "just right" for the two of us and the kind of camping we like to do. We love the construction of aluminum framing and Asdel wall panels, and have test the cold weather capabilities in temps down into the teens.

Mortons on the Move

Sunday 25th of July 2021

That's awesome! Glad you found a travel trailer that meets your needs! :)