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Are European RVs Finally Coming to the USA?

Americans have long admired European styles in fashion, food, and fast cars. So it follows that we would also fall in love with European RVs. From their fiberglass bodies to the curved, glossy cabinetry and meticulous incorporation of amenities, these rigs are more akin to elegant limousines than camper vans.

Always one step ahead when it comes to design, European engineers have created vehicles that lead the pack with innovative uses of space and technology. But here’s the best news: these revered vehicles are making their way to the United States this year! Here comes the Wingamm Oasi.

We Saw This European RV at the January 2022 Tampa RV Show

One RV line that has generated a lot of buzz at the Tampa RV Show this winter hales from Italy. Rumored to hit American showrooms in late 2022, the Wingamm Oasi is turning the RV industry on its head.

This fiberglass van has packed sleeping areas for four people into its smallest floorplan, the Oasi 540. It still had room for a full bathroom, kitchen, and large dining area in a 17-foot long recreational vehicle. All floorplans are built with luxurious finishes and amenities, with the largest model measuring just under 23 ft long.

Begun in 1977 by the Turri brothers, Wingamm had the distinction of creating the first RV chassis. It was fully integrated with the vehicle’s body, known as fiberglass monocoque. This one-piece body remains impervious to water, offering an aerodynamic shape and lightweight for better maneuvering and gas mileage.

From day one, the Turri family decided to only produce vehicles that combined comfort with elegance. They meticulously use luxurious materials and thoughtfully place furniture and appliances.

Wingamm Oasi 540 Black Edition Tour - Tampa Florida RV Super Show - Wingamm RV

European RVs and Camper Vans Are Different Than North American RVs

When traveling through Europe, it can be very apparent that most streets are narrow and small. This is surely a consideration when European camper vans are designed, as they are typically much smaller than American ones.

RVers in the U.S want to spread out and bring their entire sticks-and-bricks home with them while on the road. Our counterparts across the pond travel lean by comparison. Their recreational vehicles are usually no larger than 7.5 meters (25 ft) long. They are much lighter in weight, as well.

US campers load up on air conditioners, generators, and inverters, uncommon among European camping vehicles. But solar panels are almost a standard amenity. That’s probably because most RVs in Italy, Spain, and Great Britain run entirely on 12-volt power and propane. 

Wingamm Oasi 540 cassette toilet.

You will have to look hard for a European black tank on any recreational vehicle. Most utilize cassette toilets you can empty in any restroom. And twin bed floorplans are, by far, the most popular on foreign soil.

But the most obvious difference between the U.S. and European RVs is the luxurious interiors, and wise use of space in these smaller, lighter campers. The integrated light color schemes and sleek, glossy cabinetry are inviting. They create a sense of space in even the smallest European RV, including the Wingamm Oasi. 

Exterior image of Wingamm Oasi from Florida RV Show
Cruise the USA in a European model RV, the Wingamm Oasi. Notice the storage compartments on the driver’s side and bumper of the camper.

Why Can’t We Buy Most European RVs in the USA?

According to several RV experts, the European camper design is about a decade ahead of models coming off U.S. assembly lines. Seeing the innovation, bright color schemes, and clever space savers, it’s certain that American RVers will fall in love with European RVs. So why can’t we purchase these vans of the future right here in the good ‘ole USA?

It seems that getting government approval would be too costly. For instance, when Volkswagen unveiled the California camper van, they had a ready audience in the U.S. prepared to purchase models almost immediately. But the cost of going through the approval process as a foreign business would be more than $10 million for just one model. And with RVs selling in fewer numbers than automobiles, it didn’t make sense for VW to invest that much money. 

Looking a little deeper, it’s conceivable that U.S. RV manufacturers may have lobbied the government authorities to keep competition out by raising the bar on their approval process. Either way, it’s extremely difficult for European RV companies to bring their products to the U.S. market. But Wingamm is attempting to do just that as it introduces the Oasi models in the U.S.

Wingamm Oasi RV parked in Florida RV Show parking lot.
A Wingamm Oasi comes equipped with an in-floor heating system, high-end appliances, and luxurious materials and finishes.

Why and When Wingamm Oasi Campers Are Coming to the USA

Wingamm is jumping into the American market with its first offering in 2022. The Oasi 540 will be available for test drives and preorders in three destinations:  New York, Miami, and Los Angeles. The smallest model is just the opening for the Italian manufacturer. The three other floorplans will be ready to roll out in 2023.

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About the Wingamm Oasi (and Why We’re So Excited!)

Wingamm’s standard fiberglass monocoque body is more aerodynamic and has no joints. This makes each model lighter in weight, more durable, and waterproof.

Their products all include in-floor heating systems, high-end appliances, and luxurious materials and finishes. What’s not to like? Take a look below at many of the enticing features of the Wingamm Oasi line.


While we spoke to the folks at the 2022 Tampa RV Show about the Oasi 540, other floorplans are said to be on their way over the next few years as well. Wingamm Oasi offers three models ranging in size from 17 ft to 19 ft long and sleeping space for up to four people.

Oasi 540

At the small end of the spectrum is the 540 model; the one we will all see zooming around on US roads the soonest. It’s short at just 213.39 inches (17.78 feet), making it perfect for parking in any parking space and probably really fun and easy to drive.

It has a rear passenger-side entry that opens up into the kitchen and living space. The wet bath resides in the other rear corner of the camper.

Wingamm Oasi 540 | Compact Luxury Camper Van | Fiberglass Monocoque | US

It includes a signature drop-down bed that recesses into the ceiling for spacious headroom. This patented longitudinal hydraulic bed system makes raising and lowering your sleeping space a piece of cake. The double bed can support up to 350 kg (771lbs) and doesn’t have to be unmade to stow away.

Interior of Wingamm Oasi RV.
The Wingamm Oasi might be small, but it packs a punch with amenities.
wingamm oasi 540 drop down bed

A large dining area hugs the driver’s side wall with a large table. On the passenger’s side is a small but functional kitchen. A two-burner induction cooktop for the stove (or hob, as they call it) is a sleek and low-profile add to keep the counters flat and usable when not cooking.

A 3.8 cu. ft. “trivalent” refrigerator (European way of saying “3-way RV fridge“) sits under the cooktop.

For its small size, one layout feature that is sure to impress is the bathroom. Even though it is a wet bath, it is a full, stand-up shower and separate toilet area that is shocking to find in a camper so small. The clean, sophisticated lines don’t hurt either.

wingamm oasi 540 rv wet bath

Oasi 610 & 690 (Coming in 2023)

The 610 model comes in two floorplans, both with a twin bed in the back of the vehicle and a drop-down bed above the dinette. The 610 GL dedicates more space for a larger closet, with no countertop stove but more kitchen counter space, while the 610 ST has a smaller closet but includes the propane stove.

And finally, the longer 690 has two floorplans, as well. The 690 GC has a double bed in the back with a dry split bath—the shower is across the hall from the toilet and sink. With a spacious dinette and seating area in front of the van, there’s room for a bed. But that probably won’t be necessary because there is a comfy drop-down bed above. The two differences found in the 690 Twins floorplan are the substitution of twin beds for double beds and a wet bath.

Wingamm Oasi parked in parking lot.
RV in style in a Wingamm Oasi 540.


Some of the most prominent features that RVers love include heated floors and the “hidden” drop-down bed. That’s standard in each model of the Wingamm Oasi line. And even with its small stature, the company has designed a spacious storage garage in its vehicles.

Vibrant color themes are central to all Wingamm vehicles. The use of elegant, rich fabrics by the world-renown weaving factory, Rubelli, helps this Italian manufacturer stand out in the world of small luxury RVs. The Oasi also has custom-designed furniture integrated with the fiberglass shell. And it has plentiful lighting and detail-oriented touches that raise the standards of camper van design.


The US Wingamm Oasi 540 swaps out a Fiat Ducato chassis and instead drives on a Ram ProMaster chassis. The length measures just under 214 inches (17’6″) on a 118-inch wheelbase and weighs only 7,716 lbs. Its rear overhand measures about 58″ (4’10”) and has a turning radius of 11.4 feet. It has travel seats for four and can sleep 3 adults and 1 child.

The 610 must seem monstrous after looking at its little brother, with a length of 240 inches (20 feet) and a wheelbase of 149 inches. It can sleep four adults and weighs 7,716 lbs, as well. And the 690 model has the same weight, with a wheelbase of almost 159 in and a total length of 272 inches.

Tom from Mortons on the Move looking inside Wingamm Oasi camper.
Pre-order your Wingamm Oasi now and prep for all of your future adventures!

How Much Does a Wingamm Oasi Cost?

The Wingamm Oasi 540 model is available for pre-order now, with U.S. showrooms in California, New Jersey, and Florida. Its MSRP is $154,000, but the manufacturers have not released the prices for the other models, as they will not be entering the American market until 2023. 

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interior of the wingamm oasi european motorhome

Will the Wingamm Oasi Pave the Way for Other European Camper Vans?

We may have to wait about six months or more to see if Wingamm’s gamble in the American recreational vehicle market pays off. Every indication from pre-orders says that the company has a winner on its hands, so their European competitors may follow them across the Atlantic. This will bring more innovations to the U.S. RV market.

Let’s keep our fingers crossed that the Wingamm Oasi is the first of many new products to make a splash on this side of The Pond!

Will you consider buying an Oasi? Tell us your thoughts in the comment!

Wingamm Oasi 540 in San Francisco US

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Tuesday 18th of July 2023

Do you need testdrivers to relocate these RV's? We are coming from europe to usa in october. for us there is no problem to relocate (and ofcourse test) these RV's based upon european AND american standards


Monday 20th of February 2023

Thank you for sharing all the information in this article. I'm wondering if you test drove the Oasi 540 and did you have any impression about the noise or lack of noise in this model. love all the detail they put into this unit.

Mortons on the Move

Wednesday 22nd of February 2023

Unfortunately we did not get to test drive the unit when we saw it. We have spent a lot of time in similar European builds however and they are similar to a ford transit or promaster build in the US.


Tuesday 29th of March 2022

What's the gas mileage? Is it regular gas, or diesel, or what are the solar panels for? Speak to this please...

Mortons on the Move

Friday 1st of April 2022

As the Wingamm Oasi is built on a Ram ProMaster chassis, it will be a gas engine. The gas mileage will likely average around 14 mpg but could be more or less depending on several factors. And the solar panels provide power while camping off-grid:

Bob R.

Tuesday 29th of March 2022

There is no doubt, EU and British RVs, both motorized and towable are far ahead of US and CA product in design, quality, innovation and safety. Fact is I explored importing a Germany build Hymer and it is clear "they" are not welcome here on many fronts. Interesting dichotomy is EU and British products are built to regulated standards...US RVs, no standards. Just look at the "junk" being built and sold in North America....(and no, the RVIA is not protecting anything but their members...the manufacturers and dealers to ensure the $$$ keep flowing to the RVIA). EU built coaches are not just "slapped on" existing chassis, but have many with chassis that are custom built to provide a better, more reliable and flexible product. Look at as they say "habitation doors", coach doors for us, they are built to near automobile safety standards with stronger hinges, two or three position latching and more. EU/British builder build more efficiently, reducing weight, increasing usable load, increasing utility and they look great to. Look up MMM TV on will see for yourself, we are getting the short end of the stick by US manufacturers lobbying regulators. Fact is from both safety and emission perspectives, EU/British RVs beat North American product hands down.......... Since Thor Industries owns 25% of the EU/British builders (including German Hymer), why isn't their product or at least innovation making it "across the pond"?