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Is the Winnebago Ekko the Perfect Family Camper Van?

Is the Winnebago Ekko the Perfect Family Camper Van?

Are you looking for the perfect family camper van? We may have an answer. The Winnebago Ekko is making a splash in the RV world. It’s stylish, efficient, and can fit in nearly any parking spot. This easy-to-maneuver motorhome is on the radar of many families, but is the RV too small for more than two people? 

We’ll explore its family-friendly features in this article. So let’s dive in to find out how the Ekko holds up.

About the Winnebago Ekko

The Winnebago® Ekko™ is a small Class C motorhome, but with the look and features of a camper van. It’s AWD (all-wheel-drive), 23’ long, and can sleep four people. The Ekko has one floorplan with twin beds. It also has innovative features such as a pop-up top and a full bathroom with a pivoting lavatory wall.

Row of Winnebago campers
The Ekko is built on an AWD Ford Transit chassis, making it nimble and reliable.

The Ekko sits on an AWD Ford Transit chassis. A 3.5L EcoBoost® V6 gas engine with a 10-speed automatic Selectshift® transmission powers the motorhome. You’ll find 4-wheel anti-lock disc brakes and stylized performance wheels on the Ekko.

For power, the EKKO is a 30 amp RV with an onboard Cummins Onan generator, the QG 2800i gas model. It comes with a 320-amp-hour lithium ion battery w/Bluetooth control package and a battery pack heating system for cold weather. It also comes with two 170-watt and one 115-watt solar panel/battery charger. 

In addition, it has a towing capacity of 5,000 lbs with 500 lbs maximum vertical tongue weight and a 7-pin connector.

What Is the Gas Mileage for the Winnebago EKKO?

The Winnebago EKKO has a 31 gallon gas tank and gets between 15-17 mpg depending on terrain and how loaded it is. This means you’ll be able to travel approximately ~450 miles on a single fill-up. Considering that some trucks and SUVs get this kind of mileage normally, this isn’t bad for a camper.

How Many People Can Sleep in the Ekko? 

The Winnebago Ekko can sleep four people. It has two twin beds in the rear of the RV that convert to a queen-size bed, and a front cab air mattress. You can add on a pop-up top sleeping area that’s roughly the size of a full bed. This makes the Ekko one of the few camper vans or small Class C motorhomes that can comfortably sleep more than two people. 

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Family-Focused Features of the Winnebago Ekko

Sleeping space is just one of the many family-focused features of the Winnebago Ekko? Let’s take a closer look at a few more features families will appreciate. 

Winnebago EKKO Pop Top: A Quick Look

Pop Top Adds Extra Sleeping Space

The optional pop-up top on the Winnebago Ekko adds extra sleeping space. While the downside is setting it up and taking it down every time you move, it’s easy to do. It’s an excellent choice if you want a second bedroom that’s out of the way of the living area.

The pop-top has a FROLI® sleep system and 110V/USB charging ports. So whether you want to make it the main bedroom or have the kids sleep up there, it’s a great option.   

Child Seat Tether Anchors

The dinette seat can accommodate two people, and it has upper and lower child seat anchors. This safety feature makes the motorhome ideal for traveling with young children. With the passenger captain’s chair diagonal from the dinette seat, the person sitting can easily reach back to help the children during transport.

Winnebago Ekko dinette
The dinette seats have child seat anchors and 3-point seatbelts for safety.

3-Point Seatbelts

The captain’s chairs and dinette seats in the Winnebago Ekko have 3-point seatbelts— another safety feature that puts this RV on top of family-friendly transportation. It also has airbags on the driver and passenger sides in the cab.

Flex Bed System

The rear bedroom in the Ekko has the WinnSleep® system flex bed kit. It allows you to convert the twin beds into a queen-size bed easily. The system offers the flexibility to sleep how you prefer. Whether you want to make it a queen bed to sleep close to your partner or keep it twins for your kids, this rear bedroom gives you options. 

Pass-Through Garage

There’s a pass-through garage in the rear of the Winnebago Ekko with 54.6 cu. ft. of storage space. It’s the perfect place to store gear for easy access, and it gives you ample space for toys, bikes, and extra clothes when traveling with a family. It’s also heated, so you don’t need to worry about keeping items inside while winter camping.

Exterior view of Winnebago Ekko pass through storage
The Ekko has a massive 54.6 cu. ft pass-through garage – a sizeable amount of storage for a small Class C.

4-Season Ready

The Winnebago Ekko is four-season ready. The holding tank compartment and gear garage are heated. It also has an insulated water service center that holds the water control panel, hooks, cable TV input, fresh water drain, and satellite dish hook-up. Even the lithium ion RV battery comes with a battery pack heating system. Couple these features with the AWD, and you’ll have no problem traveling year-round.

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Pivoting Dry/Wet Bat

The Winnebago EKKO has a dry/wet bathroom with a cassette toilet that holds up to 4 gallons of waste water. The dry/wet bath design has a pivoting lavatory wall which is supposed to help separate the shower and the toilet so it isn’t a fully “wet” bath. This may help keep the rest of the bathroom dryer during showers and give you more space in the shower without bumping into the toilet and vanity. For families, this is probably a great feature to simplify bathroom time with the kids.

How Much Does the Winnebago Ekko Cost?

The Ekko starts at $188,017 MSRP (manufacturer-suggested retail pricing). Add-ons increase the price. While it’s priced higher than many other small Class C motorhomes, its features and AWD stand out among the crowd.

Is the Winnebago Ekko the Perfect Family Camper Van?

So is the Winnebago Ekko the perfect family camper van? Maybe. We wouldn’t recommend it for full-time RV living for a family. There’s not enough living space, and the motorhome will get crowded quickly with four people. But if you’re going to be spending most of your time outside and you’ll be in transit often, it’s a great option.  

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What do you think of the Winnebago Ekko? Let us know in the comments below!

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