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Is the Winnebago Travato a Good Camper Van?

With Class B camper vans becoming the hottest commodities in the RV world, manufacturers are introducing new models at an alarming rate. It’s becoming difficult to sift out and separate well-built, dependable rigs from those that might not have a thoughtful design. And solo travelers and couples are finding it hard to navigate the waters when looking for an adventure van that meets all of their specific needs. However, the Winnebago Travato seems to be the answer for many campers.

As the best-selling Class B motorhome for the last eight years, does the Travato really have the chops of handling everything the Great Outdoors can throw at it? Let’s take a closer look!

What Is a Winnebago Travato? 

Built on the Ram ProMaster chassis, the Winnebago Travato is powered by a gasoline engine, keeping fuel efficiency in mind. This Class B van has a streamlined look with sufficient insulation, heating, and cooling systems to keep the interior comfortable in any climate. At 21′ long, Winnebago has managed to include enough bedding for two, a full galley kitchen, an enclosed wet bath, and dinette seating for up to four people. 

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Winnebago Travato ceiling with air conditioner
The heating and cooling systems in the Travato will keep you comfortable all year long.

The Travato comes in two floorplans: one includes twin beds, and the other has a Murphy bed sized with a double mattress. These models can be upgraded with a lithium power package to keep adventurers off-grid longer.

Is the Winnebago Travato a Good Camper Van?

The Winnebago Travato is a crowd favorite, as it has been the best-selling van on the market since 2014. But don’t take our word for it. Here are the pros and cons of Travato ownership from the people who travel in them all the time:

Common Travato Complaints

In discussing the Travato 59G floorplan, Roscoe from writes, “My main reservations are for an ‘old guy’ climbing into the bed from the end is a handicap and my wife, in particular, will miss having a hanging clothes closet area.” 

Tony Barthel mentions a negative about the GL model at “Considering that you can get the Travato 59GL model (as opposed to the non-“L” model) with 9,600 watt-hours of lithium batteries aboard and 215 watts of solar on the roof, you could really stay off the grid for a significant amount of time, with the only limitations being small holding tanks.”

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Why People Love the Travato

Donya Carlson writes in RV Magazine, “Ah, the advantage of an RV that’s highly maneuverable, able to easily take tight mountain roads and doesn’t occupy much more parking space than a full-size pickup!”

Ed Le Cera loves his van but has a suggestion for the future. “I love this RV. Easy to drive and maintain. The Volta Lithium Battery is amazing. The Truma Heater keeps things nice and toasty in the cold weather. I do wish there was a four-wheel-drive option so I can easily take it to the snow. Hopefully someday!!”

Winnebago Travato: What You Need to Know

The Travato is the perfect combination between an RV motorhome and a maneuverable van. It has all of the amenities of a large Class A coach assembled in a smaller space. Those who plan to spend the bulk of their time outdoors love the Travato for the right reasons. Here’s what the camper van includes:

Winnebago Camper Vans
The Travato is built on a dependable and fuel-efficient Ram ProMaster chassis.


The Ram ProMaster chassis provides the foundation for this 21′ van. It has a V6 engine with 280 horsepower and a nine-speed automatic transmission. Each van comes standard with an 18-gallon fresh water tank, an 11-gallon black water tank, and a 14-gallon gray water tank. The exterior height of the van is 9′ 4″, with the interior measuring 6′ 3″ tall.

Each Winnebago Travato model has a 159″ wheelbase and a tow rating of 3,500 lbs. The GCWR is 12,000 lbs, and the GVWR is 9,350 lbs. The gas tank on the Travato holds 24 gallons.


The galley kitchen includes Corian countertops and a stainless steel sink with a cold water filtration system. The 59K and 59KL have a 4.3 cubic foot refrigerator, while the 59G and 59GL have a two-door 6.0 cubic foot refrigerator.

A two-burner propane stove comes with the 59G and 59K models, and the lithium-powered models (59GL and 59KL) come with a single-burner induction cooktop.

Camper van wet bath
All Travato models feature a wet bath.

The bath in the K models has a fold-down sink and two sliding doors. A molded sink with a sliding Tambour door is in both G models. All floorplans have a flexible RV shower head, toilet, and shower pan to round out the wet bath amenities.

The 59G and 59GL models have a front dining table with bench seats, which are missing from the K models. A 24-inch television is in all models, along with a Bluetooth soundbar. The Truma Combi heating system provides hot water and a furnace, while the Coleman air conditioner is standard on all models.

The 59G and 59GL units have a Murphy bed that measures 49″ by 77″, allowing storage of larger objects when folded up. The 59K and 59KL have two twin beds with a rear bath. The beds measure 28″ by 74″ and 28″ by 80″.

All Winnebago Travatos have rotating front seats, cruise control, a rearview camera, three-point seat belts, emergency braking, collision warning systems, and power windows and window coverings.

Camper van rotating front seats
Enjoy rotating front seats in your Winnebago Travato.

What Kind of Gas Mileage Does the Winnebago Travato Get?

The new Winnebago Travato is rated for 18 mpg to 22 mpg. That is quite a feat, as it is powered by a 6-cylinder gasoline engine with a 9-speed automatic transmission. The Ram ProMaster chassis with this 3.6L engine is proving to be a great competitor for the Mercedes Sprinter van with a diesel engine.

How Many People Does a Travato Sleep?

The Travato is set up to sleep two comfortably in all four models. If a child comes along, an inflatable mattress that fits over both front seats can provide a bed for them. The 59G has a Murphy bed that holds two, as does the 59GL. The 59K and 59KL have two dedicated twin beds.

How Much Does a Winnebago Travato Cost?

The average price of a new Travato is $164,274 MSRP. But Winnebago has base prices for each floor plan. The 59K starts at $152,504 MSRP, while the 59KL with the lithium onboard is $187,031 MSRP. The Travato 59G has a base price of $153,048 MSRP. The 59GL has a lithium package, which jumps the base price to $187,269.

➡ The Winnebago Travato’s Ram ProMaster chassis also beats the Mercedes Sprinter in the price department. Find out: Why Are Sprinter Camper Vans So Expensive?

Travato Sign
The Travato’s features, price, and dependability make it America’s most popular camper van.

Is a Winnebago Travato Worth It?

For a dependable, time-tested camper van that has all of the necessities of home, the Winnebago Travato is the choice of many adventurous campers. Its fuel efficiency and comfortable interior can get you almost anywhere in style and under budget. And with a popularity rating that is through the roof, the value will remain constant. 

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