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Is a Wolf Pup a Good Camper?

If you’re in the market for a new travel trailer, the Wolf Pup camper is a brand showing up more and more at campgrounds. They’re not massive, but they pack quite a punch when it comes to cramming amenities into a smaller space. They’re incredibly light and are towable with many mid- or full-size trucks.

Let’s see if you should consider a Wolf Pup for your next camper.

Cherokee Black Label Kitchen
Upscale kitchens are just one of the impressive features offered by the Wolf Pup line of campers.

What Is a Wolf Pup Camper?

Wolf Pup campers are fully self-contained travel trailers that are also easy to tow because of their light weight. There are nine floorplans including toy hauler and bunkhouse models. They’re relatively compact campers with generous storage space, perfect for small families or those who enjoy quick weekend adventures.

Who Makes Wolf Pup Campers?

Wolf Pup campers are a product of Cherokee. Cherokee is a subsidiary under the Forest River brand of campers. Like many other RV manufacturers, they produce these campers in the RV capital of the world, Elkhart, Indiana. 

What Are the Pros and Cons of a Wolf Pup Camper?

Pros: Wolf Pup campers have many benefits. They’re small but loaded with features and functions that make it easy to enjoy yourself and be comfortable no matter where you’re RVing.

With varied floor plans, abundant storage space, and a compact design, the possibilities are practically endless regarding where and how you use your camper.

Cherokee Wolf Pup fridge and pantry
You’ll find a good amount of interior storage space, like this huge pantry cabinet, inside Wolf Pup campers

Cons: Only a third of the available floor plans in these campers have slides. This can leave you feeling a bit claustrophobic, especially when the weather forces you inside for the day.

Additionally, the tank sizes in these rigs range from 23 gallons to 28 gallons. Depending on the length of your trip and access to water, you may need to have a water plan

How Much Do Wolf Pup Campers Cost?

New Wolf Pup campers range from $21,000 to $45,000. The price depends greatly on the year, model, and features the camper was built with. It also should come as no surprise that purchasing an RV in some regions is much more expensive. Depending on where you are, you could pay more or less for your Wolf Pup camper.

Pro Tip: You can save some serious cash by driving to the dealer that offers the best deal. Get more buying advice here: How to Buy an Awesome RV Without Breaking the Bank

What Is a ‘Black Label’ Wolf Pup Camper?

A Black Label Wolf Pup camper provides all the standard features customers love and a few extras. You’ll find features like frameless windows, thermal foil insulation, solid wood cabinets, and even several residential-like features.

Forest River Cherokee Wolf Pup 16 PF Black Label Review

Some of the residential features you’ll find are upgraded countertops, a stainless steel sink, and a pullout faucet. Owners enjoy these upgrades that make them feel at home while in their RV. 

Wolf Pup Camper Floorplans

If you’re considering a Wolf Pup camper, it’s a good idea to look at all of your options. They come in ten different floorplans and lengths of 19ft to over 31ft. Let’s examine each model and what makes it unique. 

14CC Wolf Pup Trailer

The Wolf Pup 14CC is a 19ft travel trailer that weighs less than 3,000 lbs and has a hitch weight of 400 lbs. Despite its small size, the 14CC has features that make it functional. The camper has a rear entry, and a split bath greets you on each side as you enter. 

As you walk through the RV, you get a glimpse of the kitchen and dining room space. There’s a flush-mounted glass cooktop, a massive sink, and plenty of counter space for preparing and serving food. While this rig features no slides, the bedroom offers a queen-size bed at the front of the trailer. 

It's a TOWABLE TRUCK CAMPER!! 2022 Wolf Pup 14CC

16BHS Wolf Pup Trailer

Despite not having any slides, Wolf Pup maximizes the space in the 16BHS camper with their floorplan that can sleep five. With a 10.3 cu-ft, double-door refrigerator, large kitchen space, and seating for everyone, this is a great rig to help you make some camping memories with your family. 

The 16BHS is 21’5” long and weighs just over 3,000 lbs. With a minimal hitch weight of 377 lbs, you don’t need a massive truck to tow this camper. The queen-size bed is at the front of the rig with a side-entry door, but the bunk beds and bathroom are at the rear. This is an excellent setup for parents and grandparents who want to help instill a love for camping with the next generation of campers.

16CW Wolf Pup Trailer

The Wolf Pup 16CW comes in at 22’7” and features a side-entry door in the middle of the RV. You walk into this rig straight into the RV’s bedroom which shared the main living space. The bathroom is at the back end of the trailer, and a turn to the left takes you to the living space and kitchen. The dinette area sits on the single slide-out on the driver’s side.

It has a GVWR of 4,999lbs, and has an unloaded weight of 3,783lbs. Fresh water tank holds 26 gallons, the gray water tank holds 23, and the black tank holds 28 gallons.

Owners love the overhead cabinets throughout the bedroom and living spaces. If that’s not enough, there’s generous outside storage. You’ll have plenty of room for your camping chairs and any other gear for your adventures. 

16FQ Wolf Pup Trailer

The 21’6” long 16FQ weighs in at 3,031 lbs and has a hitch weight of 444 lbs. This trailer utilizes the Cherokee Sleep System, so you can convert the bed to a sofa in a matter of seconds. Whether you need additional seating or want a more comfortable place to watch TV, you’ll love this feature.

Explore the 2022 Wolf Pup 16FQBL (Black Label) by Cherokee

The 16FQ has a side-entry door that walks you in between the bedroom and dining area. This is a great option for couples. Despite not having any slides, you’ll appreciate the generous amount of space to move around inside, especially when the weather doesn’t cooperate.

stainless steel round RV sink
The 16HE has a unique split kitchen with a sink on one side…
Wolf Pup camper kitchen
…and a microwave, stove, and fridge opposite the sink.

16PF Wolf Pup Trailer

The 16PF has an entrance between the kitchen and the bedroom with a mid-entry. This is one of only a few Wolf Pup travel trailers with a slide-out. The slide on this unit houses the dinette, which creates ample open floor space. Towards the rear of the camper are the pantry, refrigerator, and bathroom. It’s a great use of space to make as much room as possible.

The 16PF measures 22’6” and weighs 3,784 lbs. The 16PF really shines for its ability to carry 1,215 lbs of cargo. Whether you want to haul water to your boondocking site or have lots of gear, you won’t have to be as picky with what you choose to bring.

16TS Wolf Pup Trailer

If you want a Wolf Pup camper with a view, the 16TS is it. With three massive windows surrounding the dinette, you can enjoy your meals as you overlook the landscapes around your campsite. This is the rig for those who enjoy bird watching or sunsets from the comfort of their RV.


Coming in at 21’9” long and 3,204 lbs, the Wolf Pup 16TS has a hitch weight of 470 lbs. The queen bed is at the front, and the shower and kitchen make up the middle of the livable space. Outside, you’ll find a TV mount and a mini kitchen, which can be highly convenient for watching the big games on the weekends.

➡ From mini to extravagant, outdoor kitchens are all the rage on new RVs, but are they worth it? Find out: Is an RV Outdoor Kitchen Worth It?

17JG Wolf Pup Trailer

Another Wolf Pup camper with a slide-out, the 17JG, has everything a family could need for adventuring. A queen-size bed, rear bunks, and a convertible dinette make up the sleeping arrangements. There are also multiple storage compartments outside where this trailer can carry 1,120 lbs of cargo.

The 17JG is 23’4” long and weighs 3,879 lbs. When fully loaded, the Wolf Pup 17JG will tip the scales at nearly 5,000 lbs. Between the storage and comforts this one provides, you couldn’t ask for much more out of a camper to make memories with your family.

BIG Slide in a LITTLE Bunkhouse!! 2022 Wolf Pup 17JG

18TO Wolf Pup Trailer

The 18TO is the only travel trailer with a full slide-out in the Wolf Pup camper line. The slide-out houses the dinette and sofa, so you get considerable floor space. This is a great camper option for couples and families as it provides ample living and storage space. The gourmet kitchen and full bathroom make this rig easy to enjoy, even when Mother Nature doesn’t cooperate.

A large open space greets you as you enter the trailer. Wolf Pup fills the room with a queen bed on your right, the seating area straight ahead, and the kitchen on your left.

At 23’2”, the 18TO tips the scales at 3,797 lbs. If you could fully-load this RV, you’d be weighing in just shy of 5,000 lbs. The hitch weight is 437 lbs, so you won’t need a massive truck to haul it during your travels.

Wolf Pup camper dinette
The full slide-out on the Wolf Pup 18TO includes the dinette…
Wolf Pup camper sofa with hidden bunk
…and a sofa with a hidden bunk.

25JB Wolf Pup Trailer

This is a newer camper floorplan for the Wolf pup and the longest in the lineup. At 31’2″ this travel trailer has bunk beds in the back and a slide-out on the drivers side that expands the dinette and kitchen area. The primary queen bedroom is in the front, divided from the main living area by a wall with a TV mount near the entry.

This trailer weighs 5,482lbs dry, has a hitch weight of 645lb, and tops out at a GVWR of 7,645lbs. Tank capacities are 42 gallons for fresh water, 23 gallons for gray water, and 28 gallons for black water.

18RJB Wolf Pup Toy Hauler

If you’re looking for a toy hauler travel trailer, the 18RJB is an option worth considering. At 22’9”, the 18RJB weighs 3,435 lbs and has a cargo-carrying capacity of 1,564 lbs. The rear ramp door converts into a private patio space. You can enjoy your morning coffee or watch the sunset in luxury from this elevated space.

You enter the rig at the mid-entry door, and the queen bed and overhead bunk are immediately to your right. To the left of the entry, you’ll find open space for storing e-bikes or other lighter-weight toys you want to bring on your adventures. 

Is a Wolf Pup a Good Camper?

Wolf Pups are great campers and offer various options for different camping styles. Whether you’re a solo traveler, a couple, or a family, you can easily find a floorplan to meet your needs. 

Contoure RV microwave
Enjoy quality appliances like Contoure microwaves, Greystone cooktops, and Everchill refrigerators.

If you’re in the market for a new travel trailer, we recommend walking through a Wolf Pup camper to see if it’s the rig for you.

Which Wolf Pup floorplan is your favorite? Drop a comment below!

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Friday 23rd of December 2022

We have a fq16bl wolf pup. The leaf springs are weak. I recommend that you order heavier duty springs. Secondly the electric refrigerator should be upgraded to a combined gas electric fridge. The standard tires are lame. Upgrade to goodyear endurance tires. The bed. When folded flat it isn't very comfortable. We added a hinged platform to make the bed lay flatter thus more comfortable

Steve Felt

Thursday 10th of February 2022

I bought the 2022 16BHS black label adventure package in October and it’s been a love hate relationship mostly because the manufacturers put a tiny 50 watt solar panel and 1 AGM battery for a huge 12v only fridge that uses 160 watts. The battery died within a month and my second battery is dying too. Sadly I’m in Mexico for the winter and the prices of solar and lithium batteries here is double that in the US so I’ve got to wait another month to get back to Quartzite for an upgrade. Other than that it’s been great, especially beach camping and boondocking (with a 3500w generator).