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Zip Sheets: What They Are and Why Campers Love Them

If there’s one task that RVers tend to despise, it’s changing the sheets. Why? Mattresses flush against the wall make it challenging to grab the corners of a fitted sheet. Top bunks are almost impossible to reach. As a result, you may not wash the sheets in your RV very often. Perhaps your kids rarely make their beds when you go camping because of the difficulty. However, zip sheets, or quickzip sheets, have become the quick and convenient answer to this problem for many RVers. 

This unique design makes changing sheets convenient and easy. So let’s dive in and learn more about this specialized product!

QuickZip Sheets Review - Perfect RV Sheets | Zippered Bedding

What Are Zip Sheets?

Zip sheets are a fitted bed sheet and a flat-top sheet that zipper together. The zippered base secures the mattress better than traditional fitted sheets, and the zippered top sheet is easily removable when it’s time to do laundry. You unzip it from the base and throw it in the washer.

A brand of zip sheets is QuickZip. This company specializes in manufacturing a fitted sheet that won’t pop off and a flat sheet that’s easy to remove. Zip the fitted sheet on and off while leaving the base sheet on the mattress. Interchangeable zip sheets mean you can easily add a new, clean sheet without the hassle of pulling off all the bedding.

What Are the Pros of Zip Sheets?

For people with beds up against a wall or snugly fit into a tight space, zip sheets are an answer to the headache of lifting a heavy mattress to pull off the sheets. A corner bed can be particularly tough to make. Zip sheets allow you to zip off the top sheet and replace it with a new one without climbing into the bed and digging into the corners of the mattress.

Quick zip sheets also stay in place. This is a significant plus for active sleepers because you don’t wake up in the morning with the flat sheet halfway on the floor or the fitted sheet over the corner of the mattress. The zippered design keeps the sheet secure.

The flat sheet is also a square, making folding effortless. You don’t have to mess around with elastic or curved edges of a fitted sheet every time you do laundry. Folding sheets just became more convenient.

Finally, QuickZip has various sizes of sheet sets, which is an advantage for people with non-traditional mattresses like an RV queen or a twin XL dorm bunk. You can go online, select the size of your mattress, choose from various fabrics, and add the set to your cart. QuickZip has California king sheets, twin sheets, and everything in between.

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RV bed sheets
Changing your sheets in an RV is never an easy process.

What Are the Cons of Zip Sheets?

Zip sheets do however come at a price. They’re much more expensive than traditional sheets. For example, a twin XL zippered sheet set from QuickZip costs $120. An RV king set costs $155. Compare this to a basic set of king sheets on Amazon for $60, and it’s more than double the price.

Also, you only receive two sheets at that price. QuickZip sells the fitted and top sheets in a pack, and then you can order additional top sheets for easy changing. But you don’t get pillowcases, shams, or a comforter.

You also don’t have a large selection of colors or prints. For example, when selecting RV queen in the drop-down box, I only see limited colors of sateen, percale, and flannel – and many options are basic white. If color and design are important to you, you’ll be disappointed.

California Design Den King Size Sheets Set, Good...
  • PERFECTLY SIZED WITH DEEP POCKET: Our 4-piece king sheets deep...
  • LONG-LASTING & EASY CARE: You can machine wash and dry our white...

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What Do Campers Say About QuickZip Sheets?

So are QuickZip sheets worth the hype and expense? One happy customer wrote, “We have used the sheets in the house for a few years. We decided to buy them for our trailer to make it easier. If I could give 10 stars, I would! There has never been a single issue with these sheets. Definitely worth the cost!”

Another satisfied Quick Zip customer shared, “The best purchase for our hard-to-reach/make RV bed. We’ll be buying some for our home, too!” Similarly, another buyer wrote, “I like the ease of putting it on. It makes it so much easier in our RV where there isn’t a lot of room to make the bed.”

So are zip sheets the answer for you? If you have a corner bed, top bunk, or tight space where reaching the corners to change the sheets is challenging, consider the convenience of zip sheets. Even with the higher cost and limited options, a set or two may be worth it to ease the hassle of replacing sheets in your RV.

QuickZip sheets are helpful for corner beds, top bunks, or tight spaces.

Why Are Sheets Difficult to Find for RV Beds?

RV mattresses typically aren’t the same size as traditional mattresses. You have short queens, RV kings, and bunks of 7-8 lengths and widths. You even have custom-made rounded mattresses in Airstreams to fit the curved edges of this unique trailer. Our article “What You Need to Know About RV Mattress Sizes” can give you more information about this topic.

Therefore, finding sheets to fit these unique mattresses takes work. Once you find sheets to fit, getting them on and off can be a chore depending on where the bed is. Kids have difficulty reaching underneath their top bunk mattresses to remove the fitted sheet. Adults struggle to reach the top corners of their mattresses when they can’t make their way around the bed because it’s flush against the wall.

Can You Use Standard Sheets on RV Mattresses?

Do you have to use quick zip sheets in your RV? Certainly not. You can use standard sheets from Walmart or Amazon. There are cute camper designs and various colors and fabrics, so you can choose exactly what you want for your RV mattress.

Some RVers change out the manufacturer mattress for a residential mattress, too. This might not eliminate the hard-to-reach corners, but it does allow them to use standard sheets. We have an article about Sleep Number mattresses that can give you more details about changing out your RV mattress.

RV bedding
QuickZip sheets make making up your RV bed quick and easy.

Alternatives to QuickZip Sheets

QuickZip isn’t the only company answering the call to create easier and more convenient bedding for travelers. Let’s look at five other alternatives, and then you can decide if one is better for you!


Beddy’s is a well-known brand among RVers. What makes this company different from QuickZip is that you can find an entire bedding set, not just the fitted and flat sheets. There still isn’t a huge selection of colors and prints, and none are very kid-friendly, but you have three collections – cotton, minky, and luxe. They all come with at least one pillowcase and one sham. Plus, Beddy’s sells a cozy zippered comforter with a built-in zippered sheet, not just a standard flat sheet. However, it comes at a cost. Most RV sets are anywhere from $300-400.

Zipit Bedding

If you want kid-friendly designs, Zipit Bedding might be the answer. First appearing on Shark Tank, Zipit Bedding has also been on ABC’s The View, which praised his products. Kids can stay tucked in all night, and when they get up in the morning, they zip up the edges like a sleeping bag. You can find a few Zipit Bedding options for under $30 on Amazon.

Zipit Friends Twin Bedding Set, Blue Puppy
  • Super soft fleece
  • Care: Machine wash
  • Multicolor

RV Superbag

The sleep system of RV Superbag is another unique design that helps RVers avoid the struggle of making the bed. This option has a “summer side” and a “winter side,” so all you must do is flip it over when the seasons change. You don’t have to store blankets that take up precious space. The summer comforter features half-ounce insulation, and the winter comforter features one-ounce insulation. This bedding system also comes in various colors and prints. The whole bedding system will also fit in a washer for convenient cleaning.

RV zip bedsheets
Make sure you know your mattress size before you invest in luxury linens or zip bedsheets.

Aurora RV Linens

Aurora RV Linens are custom-fitted sheets designed to fit Leisure Travel Van mattresses. There are 100% cotton sheets, organic cotton sheets, and standard sheets to suit the budget of all Leisure Travel Van owners. Aurora RV Linens makes sheets for twin beds, Murphy beds, corner beds, and all types of beds in the Leisure Travel Van line. The company also manufactures mattress pads for even more comfort. These aren’t zip sheets like the other options, but they can perfectly fit the unique sizes of mattresses in Leisure Travel Vans.

Mattress Insider

Finally, Mattress Insider is another popular brand among RVers. Not only can you purchase a comfortable RV mattress to replace the manufacturer’s mattress, but you can also order sheets. Like Aurora RV Linens, these aren’t quick zip sheets, but they’re available in all sizes, so you can find the exact sheets you need to fit the unique size of your RV mattress. From 24-by-72-inch bunk bed sheets to 76-by-80-inch main bedroom sheets, Mattress Insider has more than 50 sizes. And if your size isn’t available, call them to place a custom order.

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Are Zip Sheets Right For You?

If you don’t struggle to make the bed in your RV, zip sheets may not be necessary. You can save the money and invest in a quality mattress instead. But if you have a hard-to-reach mattress that causes you to avoid changing the sheets, you might want to check out QuickZip, Beddy’s, or one of the other bedding alternatives.

If you have arthritis or struggle to lift your mattress to get the fitted sheet off, Quick Zip sheets might be a suitable solution. Don’t make changing the sheets or making the bed a chore. Make it simple instead.

Will you be ordering zip sheets for your RV soon? Tell us your thoughts in the comments!

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